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- ppic - 2010-10-27 14:11

60 is db, not percent, true. so 60 is full volume.

don't base you on log, but on real volume.

- Steveb - 2010-10-27 14:17

ppic Wrote:60 is db, not percent, true. so 60 is full volume.

don't base you on log, but on real volume.

not base on log, but real volume Smile

- ppic - 2010-10-27 14:18

please post full log.

i can't reproduce it.

- Steveb - 2010-10-27 14:19

It was working great before update to v0.6 ..

- ppic - 2010-10-27 14:33

Steveb Wrote:It was working great before update to v0.6 ..

yes, volume wasn't there Wink

- Steveb - 2010-10-27 14:58

Reverted back to 0.5.3 and sound volume ok

23:21:43 T:1124 M:1525219328  NOTICE: ### starting TvTunes Backend ###
23:21:43 T:1124 M:1525202944  NOTICE: waiting for thread - Thread-1
23:21:45 T:2732 M:1521512448 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetLabel - Unknown nodetype requested 11
23:21:45 T:3124 M:1520906240  NOTICE: season level? 1
23:21:45 T:3124 M:1520902144  NOTICE: Episodes level? 0
23:21:45 T:3124 M:1520902144  NOTICE: old path:
23:21:45 T:3124 M:1520902144  NOTICE:  new path: F:\TV\American Dad!\
23:22:02 T:3124 M:1527418880  NOTICE: raise volume to 100
23:22:02 T:3124 M:1527418880  NOTICE: ### Stopping TvTunes Backend ###
V 0.6 Volume drops
23:49:58 T:1780 M:1525895168  NOTICE: ### starting TvTunes Backend ###
23:49:58 T:1780 M:1525895168  NOTICE: ### current volume: 60
23:49:58 T:1780 M:1525882880  NOTICE: waiting for thread - Thread-1
23:50:01 T:4076 M:1520381952 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetLabel - Unknown nodetype requested 11
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520832512  NOTICE: season level? 1
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520828416  NOTICE: Episodes level? 0
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520828416  NOTICE: old path:
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520828416  NOTICE:  new path: F:\TV\American Dad!\
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520824320  NOTICE: ### volume goal: 60
23:50:02 T:3800 M:1520824320  NOTICE: ### down volume to 60
23:50:15 T:3800 M:1518559232  NOTICE: condition to stop theme playing!
23:50:15 T:3800 M:1518960640  NOTICE: ### volume goal percent : 100.0
23:50:15 T:3800 M:1518960640  NOTICE: ### raise volume to 60
23:50:18 T:3800 M:1525313536  NOTICE: ### Stopping TvTunes Backend ###

Down volume set to 5
00:24:45 T:832 M:1529450496  NOTICE: ### starting TvTunes Backend ###
00:24:45 T:832 M:1529450496  NOTICE: ### current volume: 60
00:24:45 T:832 M:1529438208  NOTICE: waiting for thread - Thread-1
00:24:47 T:2076 M:1527738368 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetLabel - Unknown nodetype requested 11
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525612544  NOTICE: season level? 1
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525608448  NOTICE: Episodes level? 0
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525608448  NOTICE: old path:
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525608448  NOTICE:  new path: F:\TV\American Dad!\
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525596160  NOTICE: ### volume goal: 55
00:24:47 T:1700 M:1525596160  NOTICE: ### down volume to 55
00:24:53 T:1700 M:1531609088  NOTICE: ### volume goal percent : 100.0
00:24:53 T:1700 M:1531600896  NOTICE: ### raise volume to 60
00:24:53 T:1700 M:1531600896  NOTICE: ### Stopping TvTunes Backend ###

- Flomaster - 2010-10-27 16:34

I too am experiencing Volume level not raising back up to 100% or what it was before entering Tv shows.

here is my log https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6011093/xbmc.logs/xbmc.log.2010.

it looks like current volume is 52db when starting TvTunes but I don't see it getting raised back up.

I'll uninstall and try to re-install from zip using addons manager.

to upgrade to 6.0 I simply copied all contents from 6.0 zip to ~/.xbmc/addons/script.TvTunes/ change log indicates I have v6.0 installed


- ppic - 2010-10-27 17:28

Quote:01:02:02 T:2739919728 M:2917998592 NOTICE: ### starting TvTunes Backend ###
01:02:02 T:2739919728 M:2917998592 NOTICE: ### current volume: 52
01:02:02 T:2739919728 M:2917998592 INFO: Scriptresult: Success
01:02:02 T:2739919728 M:2917998592 NOTICE: waiting for thread - Thread-1
01:02:04 T:3078010752 M:2917916672 INFO: LIRC Initialize: using: /dev/lircd
01:02:04 T:3078010752 M:2917916672 INFO: LIRC Initialize: connect failed: No such file or directory
01:02:04 T:3078010752 M:2917916672 DEBUG: Failed to connect to LIRC. Retry in 10s.

miss the important part, we just see it start.

- Flomaster - 2010-10-27 17:49

ppic Wrote:miss the important part, we just see it start.

oh if thats the last big of my log file thats where I just hit the power off button on my remote and put the HTPC to S3 sleep when I went to bed.

yeah looking at the time stamp thats is when I turned it all off and went to bed.


- ppic - 2010-10-27 17:56

yes but in your log, no file is playing, so no volume change.

- Flomaster - 2010-10-27 18:27

ppic Wrote:yes but in your log, no file is playing, so no volume change.

I see what you mean, I can assure you there was theme.mp3 playing...

does this mean anything

DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Could not return information about unknown plug-in /home/xbmc/.xbmc/addons/script.TvTunes/resources/tvtunes_backend.py.'


- ppic - 2010-10-27 18:39

not to me.

- FreddyKrueger - 2010-10-27 20:51

FreddyKrueger Wrote:do you need a log with the new script version, or with the 0.5.3 is good ??

here is the log with 0.5.3 : http://pastebin.com/5PFr3j40
if the new one is needed, i'll post it tomorow.

ppic Wrote:of course, new !

i think i found the reason of my problem..... for some reason, the script can't read the theme.mp3 file from an smb network share.
log file : http://pastebin.com/NFygX7hn
The first tvshow i tried was "The 4400".... this show is in a local folder inside the /home/xbmc/TV Shows, and this one will play the theme.mp3 file nicely.
The second show was "The XFiles"... this show is on a smb network share, and the script says it can't find the theme.mp3 file... but i can assure you that the file is there and is in the right place.

Does this make any sense?

Thanks for your help

- ppic - 2010-10-27 20:59

i've got the same problem, in fact i had lost share connection (i can't even play my video files), i had same log as you have, i restarted xbmc, then all was good

- shaktoo - 2010-10-27 21:27

I had to get off the git for night to update properly to the tvtunes updated version..now tv tunes script as well as everything else is working just fine.. THANK YOU ppic for wonderful work