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RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - MacGyver - 2014-10-19

@jayleekay, it sounds like a permission issue with the file system hosting the share. How did it get there to begin with? The favorites.xml that is?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-10-20

The file was created by an openelec system onto a nas NFS share. The permissions show 0777. The favorites are there and seem accessible manually on all systems. But if I try to do a favorite shortcut under metropolis home items, it only lists whatever was/is in the local favorites.XML . maybe deleting this file will help? I guess I could just copy the shared info to each box manually. But that kind of defeats the purpose of using the substitute function in advancedsettings

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-10-22

I just ended up copying the files to each device and removing the substitution .

[WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-10-23

You've solved your problem already but, for what it's worth, I personally just put favourites.xml on the share and synlink it on the clients.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-10-24

I tried that, but it wouldn't allow me to use them for shortcuts. Do you mean using the <substitute> and path substitutions in advancedsettings? Or something else?

[WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-10-26

No, I mean symlinks in the OS. ln -s.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - kenno7 - 2014-10-30


When I am using profiles with the login screen enabled a Log off icon appears on the home screen.
However, when I use the auto login option Metropolis doesn't give me the Log off option on the home screen anymore..
I can't seem to add it as a favourite to set a custom shortcut for it either..

Is there a way I can get it back on the home screen or is it possible to include it in the next release?


RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - Lasborg - 2014-12-02

Just installed the latest Helix beta the other day. It is nice and fast I must say, but damn without my favorite skin it just isn't worth it.

I stay on Gotham until Metropolis is released.

Keep up the good work guys.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - carmelo987 - 2014-12-29

(2012-02-11, 22:04)stoli Wrote: Image
Hi I'm using Metropolis skin on Gotham 13.2 and works great for me but I need help with this one. How can I have OSD like this. I try everything in skin settings under scripts/extras to fix check all those clear art, logo boxes but nothing happens?? I can't get logos or plot info above like in that picture. Can somebedy tell me what should I do?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - MacGyver - 2014-12-29

Nothing can be set (I just tried), something must have changed between Gotham and Kodi in regards to how the include "PlayerTVShowClearartClearlogo" works. I have no idea how that variable conditional is working.
I created a fix in mine, Jingai can use it or he might know how the original worked and fix that.



RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-12-30

There was just a typo in the condition. I've fixed it. Unfortunately, I just pushed 2.9.1 for Gotham, so it'll be a bit longer before I can push another Gotham version up.

However, it will be in the forthcoming Helix release, if you're planning on updating to Kodi 14.0.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - carmelo987 - 2014-12-30

I saw where is problem. I use Istream for movies and tv shows, integrated Istream to XBMC library but apparently tv shows and movies from Istream can't show logos or clear art like in those pictures above while video playback. I don't know why cause all fan art stuff works great in library mode? I tried with Wild Pacific series which i have in my computer and insert series in my tv show library and for Pacific works well logo and clear art.

Nevermind I'm all in love in this skin and I enjoy in it. Think it have all what should need one XBMC very funcional skin. Congrats on work for Metropolis Wink

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - Haris1977 - 2015-02-28


Nice skin guys! Keep the good work.

My problem is that i cannot launch RCB (Rom Collection Browser) neither from GAMES menu nor FAVORITES menu. I can only launch it from addons. Is it a known bug?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - patria o muerte - 2015-02-28

is there a way to change thumbnails/fanarts to posters in recently added widgets?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - mihvel - 2015-03-01

Dear skin developers,

can you extend the Metropolis skin by adding information about the movie country in the ViewDetailsGenreYearDurEpsUnwatched info detail line for views?