Linux beginner wants to change style of xbmc
Hey xbmc-community,
Im pretty new into this stuff here and Im actualy german so please excuse me for any noobish questions or mistakes in english writings.
Im not a Linux user but I want to get into it and I want to get in to it with your livedistribution of xbmc. Is there any kind of manual, guid or wiki about how to get along with the xbmcbuntu distribution?

Im building up a total individual mediacenter pc and I chose this distribution as my favorit because I know the xbmc from my windows pc. What I actualy want is to configure the corestuff of xbmc. Im using the newest eden build. So I want to build a new own skin with more overview, that is easier to handle even for my parents. I got quite a few knowledge about PC-Software and so on its just that I never realy used Linux. Im just good in designing and writing a bit in xml and stuff. Learning program languages isnt hard for me.

So my actualy question is just where should I start, what should I do first or waht should I learn or try out first?

My typical learning procedure is trial and fail. The system I use is an ASUS E35M1 Deluxe. It has grafics, sound, wireless and stuff on board. It uses the E350 APU from AMD. And Im working on a 120GB SSD.
Go ahead and jump in dude. I just did this about a month ago, complete Linux noob. If you're used to jumping in on this kind of thing (and as long as you're ready to break and reinstall the OS a few times) you'll have a blast. Linux is actually pretty easy if you're already a pretty techsavvy person.

I would say just start by installing XBMC Live on your box, check the IP address that it's using on your network, and SSH into the box using another computer (open a terminal program and type 'ssh [email protected]). Start with figuring out how to browse and edit text files and you'll find yourself getting the hang of it easy enough. Just Google how to perform the tasks you're used to performing on a Windows PC and you will start discovering the logic to how Linux works.
alternatively, you can just work on whatever platform you are most comfortable on. skins are 100 (okay, 99.999%) portable between platforms, so you can dev it on one platform, then simply transfer it to the linux box when you are done..
alrighto... thanks for the first quick replies. im already taking slow steps ahead, its just that im pretty unpatient most of the time. If there was a pill to learn Linux i would take it, to get it done and see results ^^
question: can I do this ssh stuff via my windowslaptop?
and is there any commandlist for xbmcbuntu i can use for navigating via cammandline?
I've also just started my journey into the linux world. Putty is the program I'm using to SSH from windows.
I use putty as well to access my xbmc (and other linux) boxes. If you're new to using the shell environment in *nix, I highly recommend one of the O'Reilly books

or at the very least

I've been bashing for over a decade, and I still keep my pocket reference handy

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Linux beginner wants to change style of xbmc0
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