Restarting emulators (Reset of hardware, or soft reset)

I recently installed XBMC with retroplayer, and so far everything has been working great. I played all the way through Super Metroid, and at the end of the game it's required that you reset the console to continue - snes9x is automatically making savestates, so it saved the game at my item completion screen. I haven't been able to find any method to reset the console (L + R + Select + Start does not do it). There doesn't seem to be a context menu or button I can use that will reset my active game. All of the information I can find for snes9x is for the non-retroplayer version of it.

I can just delete my savestate and start from scratch, but that's not ideal. Is there a keymapping or an XBMC function I can map to do this?

FWIW I am using a Dualshock 4 controller, with up/down/left/right/L/R/A/B/X/Y mapped. The game itself works great, I just can't reset it.

I find it unlikely that you'll be able to reset and have it work. I'm not sure how Super Metroid works, but usually resetting clears all memory and the console needs to load the game data from ROM. RetroPlayer does "savestates", which captures the state of the game at that frame, but doesn't (yet) support emulating writing to ROM (like a memory stick or EEPROM on the cartridge.) aka "savegames". The only way this will work without savegame support is if the console has an in-game reset option, that lets it keep some game data in memory, restart, and then re-load that data.

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Restarting emulators (Reset of hardware, or soft reset)0
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