Missing compilation albums in XBMC 13
Sorry but you're going have to be more precise in the sort of structure you're after using actual examples, how you had it working before may have been a lucky fluke.
Would the following achieve what you want:

Track 1
Artist = Artist1 / Various Artists
Album Artist = Various Artists
Album = Test

Track 2
Artist = Artist2 / Various Artists
Album Artist = Various Artists
Album = Test


Library - Artists:

Artist1 -> Test -> Track 1
Artist2 -> Test -> Track 2
Various Artists -> Test -> Track 1 & Track 2
(2014-05-28, 14:18)sysprog Wrote: That's right whitebelly, I had that option checked previously. It caused a massive number of one track artists to appear in the artists menu. Thanks for the suggestion jjd-uk, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to do what I want.

I've just noticed that all of my Triple J albums (Triple J is an Australian radio station) still appear where I want them under Triple J in the artists menu. None of the tracks have artist = Triple J but they still appear exactly where I want them. It looks like "Various" and "Various Artists" (anything starting with "Various"?) get shunted off to the hidden Compilations section. My Ahk-Toong Bay-Bi U2 tribute album comment earlier was a red herring. On closer inspection I found that album had "Various Artists" in its tags too. I had meant to change them to U2 but I never got around to it.

I'll see what happens if change the album artist tags to "Compilation Albums".

I am unable to duplicate your results with both 13.0 and 13.1RC1 using a fresh install and new database. I have albums tagged with Album Artist = Various Artists and also with Album Artist NULL in a test music source. I added the source and scanned it. After scanning both albums were added to library. In the music - artists view, there was an artist "Various Artists" and both albums were listed, one with artist Various Artists (this one had album artist tagged as Various Artists) and one with artist Various artists (small a like you expected, this was the one with the NULL Album Artist tag). In the music - compilations view, only the second album (NULL album artist tag, Various artists as artist) was listed. Track artists were shown in music - artists based on the "include artists who appear only in compilations" toggle.

I confirmed this looking at the database album table. This is using the local SQLite database, not a MySQL one. Note: in my case the Various Artists album was successfully scraped, but the NULL one (compilation) was not. Don't expect that to make a difference but just for completeness. Also I have the "override song tags with online information" toggle OFF (I did blow away my database and scan again with that setting ON and it didn't affect how the Various Artists were scanned, but I don't 100% trust that result as the option in my experience can have unexpected results).

So I think something else is going on with your setup.

scott s.
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I have this exact same problem where some of my compilation albums show up under artists as "various" and some get moved over to compilations even though I have them tagged the same way (artist=song artist & album artist=various). After trying a bunch of tagging combinations I had given up until I read this thread. I've now tagged all of my compilation albums with the album artist tag of ".Various Artists" and they all show up at the top of my artist list.

I read your comment above and agreed with not liking the tag of "compliation albums" because it throws these albums into the middle of the artist list where as "various artists" was close the bottom. By using the "dot" in the tag my compilations now all show up at the top of my list but still have what appears to be the name I want.

I hope this helps.
I too am running v13 and have all music tagged correctly, I recently added a few new compilation albums and a regular album and re scanned and my Various Artists disappeared. No I do not have "include artist that only appear in compilations" on. I never did. In library mode "Various Artists" appeared just like any other Artists would with logo and fanart. Now I can only view them if I back out of Artists and go to Compilations.
Same problem here.
"Album Artist = Various Artists" doesn't appear in Artists, only under Compilations in the library. (Include artists who are only in complications setting is off)
(2014-11-03, 13:58)eandmsz Wrote: Same problem here.
"Album Artist = Various Artists" doesn't appear in Artists, only under Compilations in the library. (Include artists who are only in complications setting is off)

That is the expected behavior.
I'm not 100% convinced that it works off the Album Artist tag. Certainly in my tags, all the albums that appear under Compilations in my library have a 'Compilation' tag set to 1. Dropping or setting that tag to 0 should enable the album to be listed under Various Artists.

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AFAIK, compilations can be triggered from an MBID/compilation tags, or the situation where different songs have different ARTIST tags.

Simplest workaround for me is always to change all ARTIST tags to be same as ALBUM ARTIST. Of course, I don't care about the individual artists in these cases, and if you do it may not be the best approach. If I want to keep individual artist names, I leave them in comment field, filename, or elsewhere.
Hi All

I have just upgraded from an early Gotham to Kodi Beta and just ran into this problem and wanted to share my frustrations in fining this change in functionality.

For at least 3 years I've used XBMC and have had my compilation albums tagged with ALBUMARTIST = "Various Artists" and the setting "Include artists who are only in complications" setting is off

This combination resulted in what I consider the ideal outcome - compilations appeared under a "Various Artists" artist in the library but the artist list wasn't swamped with heaps of artists with 1 or 2 songs listed under them.

As discussed here, the "Various Artists" entry now will not appear

It seems counter-intuitive, to have to back out of artists list and go into compilations to get to part of your music collection (as the only option)

I also see this as being confusing to guests using the system who are not familiar with Kodi

Is there a possibility that the previous functionality can be restored?


Wouldnt it be simpler (if possible) to select the folder then have an option in the context menu to mark the contents as a compilation album? Fiddling around with Tags is really time consuming and in reality pointless since their is no official compilation tag in ID3 (Itunes has an unoficial one). Just a thought. Huh

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Missing compilation albums in XBMC 130
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