Gotham 13.2 and local logos
Hi all.

Here's a minor issue that's been driving me a bit batty for the past two weeks: Gotham 13.2, unlike Frodo, doesn't scrape my local logos (either logo.png or clearlogo.png), but it does correctly recognize and scrape all other local assets (posters, fanart, banners, etc.).

I've had to use Artwork Downloader to download all these logos anew, even though they're available locally. Either that, or I have to manually navigate to the local logo to set it. It's exhausting, especially since I painstakingly chose the logos for almost all the media in my library. I also have a habit of periodically refreshing my library, which results in XBMC "losing" these logos, even though they're available locally.

Does anyone know why this is, or how I can get XBMC to automatically scrape these local logos? I completely deleted my XBMC database this evening and re-added my sources with "local information only," but that didn't work either.

Also, once set, a logo will even disappear if I refresh a movie, and then I have to have Artwork Downloader pull it again, or set it manually. Very odd.

Here's how my media is organized, which is how XBMC exported it to the folder. When XBMC adds this show to the library, it correctly adds all local artwork -- except logos.

I agree. It doesn't make sense that I have to use AD to have it input my logo into XBMC. I already have them in the folders they belong, but they won't auto pull. It's annoying, but at least it works. Even if I set AD to local, it still takes a while to scan everything.
@McButton: Agreed. I don't understand why Frodo did this, and Gotham (and apparently Helix) don't.

As for my original post, I should add that I was mistaken on one issue: XBMC will scrape my local logo.png files, but only if I run AD and have AD set to "Use Local Files".

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