Mising pvr iptv simple client on leia 18.1
Hello. I have just install kodi leia 18.1 on my iphone 6s+ (ios 12 jailbroken). But in myadd-ons/pvr-client missing iptv-simple-client. I try to find in install-from-reposity but it havent pvr-client repo here and i cant find iptv-simple-client in any repo under install-from-reposity.
Can anyone solved this problem?
Please help me how to bring iptv-simple-client back. Sorry for my bad english
You need install this manually from all repositories - pvr addons - > IPTV Simple Client
(2019-04-20, 08:46)FreakMurderer Wrote: You need install this manually from all repositories - pvr addons - > IPTV Simple Client

Thank for your respond. But there is not have pvr addons in install-from-repositoies. It is only in my-addons
I had the same problem as you:
343168 (thread)
But, using my telepathing capabilities, I had install this pvr addon from official kodi repo.
I also have problem with IPTV Simple PVR missing on iOS (Leia, tried all 32bit releases and most recent snapshot). All PVR's are bundled except this one.
It is available on previous version (17.1) build, however add-on does not work.

PS. On iOS, binary add-ons should be bundled with Kodi release, according to this post: 2798855 (post)
PS2. As I remember, category such as 'PVR Clients' on 'Install from Kodi Repo' on iOS does not exist.
i solved this problem. there is 2 way to bring pvr_simple_client back to kodi leia:

1st. u can back to org.xbmc.kodi-ios_18.0-0_rc5.2_iphoneos-arm64. it installed by default.

2nd. u can coppy pvr_simple_client from another ver and put it in latest ver.
u can do it by yourself or use app which is modified by me here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dpg3Ci...TnpkJjTSSm (edited by mod)

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buenas como hago para instalar simple client 2 en leia?? tengo 2 url me ayudan. un saludo
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Mising pvr iptv simple client on leia 18.100