Solved [Android] Default-Buttons in OSD
I experience some kind of change in the Skin Defaults. 

For example:

while watching a video an entering the OnScreenDisplay to navigate to the subtitle-menu it used to be like 

- after downloading the subtitle the OSD disappeared 
-when re-entering the OSD the last chosen button was activated (in this case the subtitle-menu) 

Now the OSD stays visible after downloading a subtitle (which affords one additional click on the remote) 
and the standard button when entering the OSD is "Play". 

This is by accident or intentional? 

I am using 11.2.40.
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Hi skippr.

It's true that the OSD used to behave like that.
But Kodi development and the addition of new features has forced me to change that behavoir.

The subtitle dialog (where you get all subtitle options: enable, offset, browse, download etc.) behaves like a regular settings dialog.
That means that it returns to the OSD menu after exit - like video and audio settings.
It's impossible for me to know if you only exit the subtitle dialog with or without downloading a subtitle.

What you can do is to add the subtitle search dialog to your keymaps, so it opens on a keyboard command instead from the OSD.
Something like this:
<s mod="shift">ActivateWindow(SubtitleSearch)</s>
where Shift/S opens the subtitle search dialog.

Recent PVR development has forced me to change the default OSD button focus behavoir.
Sometimes in PVR the play button is hidden, which forces me to send focus somewhere else.

But I have just changed it so the latest player control button focused will still be focused after re-entering the OSD.
I can't include settings buttons (information, subtitle, video and audio settings buttons etc.).

This change will be included in the next development and official version.
Hey Gade, 

your detailed account of what happened is very much appreciated. 

Since I'm having problems with Leia anyway wich are not fixed yet ("resuming video" crashes Kodi), I will switch back to Krypton and the Rapier-Version that I am used to. 

Thanks for your fine skin and outstanding service!
Romanes eunt domus
Hi skippr.

Thanks for your support.

Let me kow if there's anything else I can do ;-)

I'll mark this thread as solved.
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[Android] Default-Buttons in OSD00