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[RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
Thanks for all the amazing work done on this
quite inspiring

I expected that the latest solution was going to be a real fix
but I'm still having problems with it

I've copied buzz's new xbmc and iplayer files to my (modded) xbox.
iplayer loads ok and showing all the programme listings
but when I select a programme to play, after showing the "Playing" message
nothing happens and the screen stays on the programme list.

I've ended up reformatting my xbox and re-installing but I keep getting the same problem.

I can't find anything similar on the forum
so hope someone can help here
Please post your xbmc.log
thanks Exobuzz,
I've think I've solved the problem.
When I re-built the system I did not restore the userdata folder.
Now this is restored, the problem has not recurred.
Can you confirm if there is information in the userdata folder which iplayer needs to run properly, or have I misunderstood something ?
It is needed for the running of XBMC in general: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=The...ata_Folder

libRTMP needs it to store a cache file with the generated hashes for the swf verification.
Forgive me for being a bit thick...

I've copied the contents of the folder over an existing XBMC installation and placed the iPlayer plugin in the \plugins\video directory. When I click on the iPlayer link, nothing happens. It opens an empty window.

So I uninstalled XBMC to get rid of all the old stuff, did a clean install, copied the files over and now nothing at all happens. I can see the plugin under "Videos" but when clicked nothing happens.

I forgot: running XBMC 9.11 on a Vista 32-bit Business. Installed XBMC in non-portable mode.

Help please?
The XBMC build is for xbox only. the IPlayer plugin works for any XBMC that has the libRTMP patches. I don't think anyone has done a windows build yet with the functionality.
I guess that explains a lot. I was hoping it would work anyway.
exobuzz -
thanks for keeping this going.
kids missed it - good to see it back
Hey it works! Now I can watch the Spanish GP! Thanks exobuzz, you're doing a great job.
Any help on getting this updated in ubuntu?

I had used the guides on page 34 before and it worked until the other day...

i had tried updating the rtmpdump but that didn't solve the problem...

any chance anyone can do a quick step by step like on page 34 please?
I have this installed on 2 machines as per page 34. They both work, but on one I have to press play and wait four or five times, then it plays perfectly.
[edit] I think I misread. page 34 is probably the get iplayer fix. well the current script wont work with akamai streams I guess.

If anyone is having any kinds of difficulties, I can't really diagnose anything without the logfile. Please do post them (to pastebin or similar).
A couple of people asked about linux builds with the new libRTMP patches.
I patched the ubuntu source builds and made them available http://malus.exotica.org.uk/~buzz/xbmc/linux/ (including source/diffs). Depending on dependencies, this may also work on earlier versions of ubuntu and debian. If not you can get the source/diff dpkg-source -x it and dpkg-buildpackage on your system.
Should these work with the iPlayer plugin? I installed the relevant packages from your builds and updated to the latest iplayer plugin but the stream's dying after a short while.

Sorry if I've missed something or am being dense but there's quite a lot to keep up with with the recent patches Smile
The linux builds should work with my plugin. although I didn't really test fully as I had to rush off for an important meeting at a friends house with beer - although a video did play. I just tried now but I'm getting timeouts with the plugin itself getting the data, and there are messages right now on the iplayer messageboard about problems, so I will check again later. Maybe just an issue their end.

This thread has got quite long. Is it worth starting a new one, or having some sticky with information in the first post or something ?
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[RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)13
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