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[RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)
sounds like swf verification isnt working.
Hitcher Wrote:Are you accessing the settings via the Add-on settings?

It does work via the Add-on route - but not via the iplayer option.

@ Exobuzz I shall put it on one of my other systems and provide your feedback.
R_N_B Wrote:Same here all is good except settings. That constantly gives me an error.

OK all seems to be working now with windows nightly and iplayer2 addon fix.

- The settings option in iplayer still does not work (works through system settings in xbmc though)

Also, anyone else notice blurring at bottom of screen when playing iplayer streams - tried several streams - same thing (in windows). Also I find its very slow at loading the lists compared to the old plugin (or boxee version) ??
thisweb, are you running my "official" iplayer version from the iplayer google site or the fix that was posted here ? the settings should be working on the version on the google code site (the svn release not the zip).

the blurring is a resolution thing at 800kbit. try 1500 and it should be gone.
Is there a howto for idiots available for this plugin yet, I've been trying to follow the thread but have been getting very confused with exactly what I need to do.

Running an SVN version of XBMC on my linux box from a couple of days ago, what do I now need to do to get this to work ?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys,

It is not working for me on the latest XBMCFreak install (SVN 31632) - is this build too old to make it work? I got the latest IPlayer from SVN, copied it into my .xbmc folder under addons and renamed the directory to 'plugin.video.iplayer'. Have I done something wrong

It may also be my VPN, but I can get the VPN to work on my windows side - watching F1 right now. BTW, when I open a webpage with my VPN running on the linux side, I get redirected to http://www.google.co.uk ok so I think that side is working.
I'd love to guess your problem, but I will need a debug log to help any more I'm afraid Smile
I can do that - how can I create one? Wink
@ exobuzz - mate I am going to stick with the fix that the other lads posted. The reason is quite simple. It works first time no problem.

Just to give you a bit of context. Using the official one version of iplayer 1-7-2010 placed in the addons folder does not get picked up by a virgin install of the latest SVN. Yet the minute I delete the official version and copy and paste the 'fix - folder' into my addon folders it works.

Very willing to keep testing for you mate if you tell me what steps you would like to do. Will be on leave till the end of the Tour-de-France.

The compatibility changes are not in the downloadable zip, but only currently in svn (http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-iplayerv2/source/checkout). The idea, was that I could get a few people to test the svn version and then I would create a new zip. I have one feedback that it is working, and it works for me, so I'll probably do another release this week. Thanks.
crispywotsits Wrote:I can do that - how can I create one? Wink

No stress exobuzz - I went to the link provided and it tells me quite correctly that I am not a member. Just shout if you want an additional hand to do some testing. I can be the idiot sample - as I certainly have no skills beside being a n00b to add to the process. But I guess even that could be helpful during the final stage of testing.

Cheers mate.
Ive also tried installing a copy of the latest XBMCFreak live CD ( xbmcfreak-10.08-svn31632-lucid1 )

This version supposed to have librtmp compiled into it.

Ive copied bionicmonkey's iplayer zip ( form this post HERE ) to the addons folder.

It shows up fine in the addons menu, it even loads up and displays the program listings etc. But will not play any thing.... nothing at all just comes up failed and check the log.

any ideas would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah I say there was no problem with the install, The only problem is I have no menu sound or sound while playing music, but sound is fine in movies.
Dunno if that's related.

Did a bit of testing earlier and here's what I found (this is using the latest Windows SVN build).

Akamai - playback stops just after 1 min

Limelight - plays fine but can't always find a usable stream
There is a known issue on windows with the swf verification. Maybe related to the place its trying to write the .swfinfo file - this is an issue with the librtmp stuff rather than the plugin.

The limelight issue is that limelight doesnt have all the bitrates available, and if thats selected and no stream is available it wont try and use akamai. I would recommend just using akamai anyway, but i guess the plugin could be better in this area/
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[RELEASE] iPlayer - BBC Video and Music Plugin (UK only!)13
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