Trailer support?

could the Author of this skin integrate trailer support for this skin.

I have loaded a ton of trailers...(because i thought i can use them like in the aeon skin).

It would be great if you could notice this.
We already have trailer's support. From memory, go to movie's, while on a movie title, click the 'I' key for info (or if on xbox, use the info joystick button) and it bring's up the info, and the last button is "Trailer" which autoplay's the trailer. No need to even download them ahead of time.

Is it also in the Video SectioN ?
Probably not. Only because to my knowledge it needs tagged info from the database, which video section (if i'm understanding you correctly) doesn't use database but just uses a normal explorer file list. I haven't used anything but database's in XBMC since almost the beginning. I would highly recommend to anyone, to setup and use the scrapers so they can also use database's. Most of the views in the skin (and the same with all other skins) isn't really usable in filemode as it get's all the stuff (box cover, tagged info, movie length, cover art, movie company, etc.) from the scraper in library mode. Not saying all, but most everything at least. And it's really easy to setup, just needing an internet connection to use to grab it.
In the past i used a readymade NMT-Player for exploring my (video)files.
With the change to the xbmc i found out that the video mode (standard) is the same as my filelist view at my NMT-Player.
By accessing the Movie- and TVShow -Library mode i was to confused with the setting...

I hope that this is not the big deal, because i really want to check this out.
I understand that i have to scrape my video-data (for example with nfo's incl. imdb-link) for integrating in my library mode, but i am not quite sure because sometimes its not working properbly.

I am using EMM for organizing my movie-database.
Only NFOs with imdb-link for difficult-to-find movies.
Media Info Plus & TVrename for TvShow.
I know the correct structure of my files (folder.jpg etc.)

Furthermore i t would be great, if you could show me the right way for dealing with this problem, ?!
Could you give me a short overview about how to configure the library mode, ..the wiki page is very confusing (especially for a newbie) ?

BTW: Does your skin also support extrathumbs ?
Sure, just PM me sometime and i will be happy to help you set up your library mode. You will thank me once it's done, it's easy and yet open's up SO many advantages to using library mode versus just plain file view. SERIOUSLY!!!!
I think i handled it on my own, if there is a question i'll feel free to contact you.. Smile

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