Win One Button DVD/BluRay Ripping using a Launcher from within XBMC
(2012-03-16, 03:03)GJackson Wrote: Here is my file, only slightly edited from the original. It is a 64-bit OS. This particular DVD is one that I believe was created from a movie file, and the creation proggy must have allowed spaces in the filename. The DVD name is Grown Ups, I got a folder "Grown". If spaces are an unsupported name convention, so be it, I just figured I would post it in case other people had similar problems or it was an easy fix. Let me know if you'd like me to try any changes.

You are right. It appears you have found a bug with this script where it will fail with spaces in the disk's volume name. Took a bit, but I managed to get it fixed, so below is the new shiny code. Please copy the code below and paste it into your AutoRipDVD.bat file replacing the existing code. Be sure to ONLY REPLACE THE CODE BELOW the settings you changed at the top of the file. Basically where it says, "Do Not Edit Anything Below This!", well.... yeah... paste over that part and below with this new code.

Worst case if you break it, I have updated the files in the links on the first post to this version, so re-download, install and set your paths again. If you're careful with the cut and paste though you shouldn't need to do that.

::******* DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW THIS!!!!!!************************************************

::For /f %%# In ('Mountvol^|Findstr [d-z]:\\') Do (
::        Fsutil fsinfo drivetype %%#|Find "CD-ROM">Nul&&(Set "CDROM=%%~d#"))
::If Not Defined CDROM call :NoDrive

for /f "tokens=1-5*" %%1 in ('vol %DriveLetter%') do (
    set volid=%%6 & goto processcontd

set nospace=%volid%
echo [%nospace%]
for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%A in ('echo %nospace% ') do set nospace=%%A
set nospace=%nospace:~0,-1%
echo [%nospace%]
set volid=%nospace%
echo: %volid%

set str=%volid%
set str=%str:_= %
set volid=%str%
If "%volid%"=="_= " call :NoDrive

Echo:Ripping %volid% now...

mkdir "%RipDir%%volid%"

cd /d "%ScriptPath%"

cd /d "%IntDir%"
makemkvcon64.exe --minlength=%RipMinSeconds% mkv disc:0 all "%RipDir%%volid%"

SET _tmpPath="%RipDir%%volid%"
cd /d %_tmpPath%
for %%i in ("title*.mkv") do (set fname=%%i) & call :rename

cd /d "%ScriptPath%"
cscript Beep.vbs

cd /d "%ScriptPath%"
cscript Beep.vbs

::Cuts off 1st 5 characters of fname, then appends prefix
ren %fname% "%volid%"_%fname:~5%

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