best way to have "home videos" in XBMC?
(2012-01-01, 10:33)FishOil Wrote:
ihaterich Wrote:Just make them TV Episodes, and create custom nfo files.

Add a folder.jpg and fanart.jpg if you like things to look nice.

Create a file called tvshow.nfo and place it in your home video's folder. Copy and paste this code, then edit it to your liking.

<title>Home Videos</title>
<plot>Our home movies</plot>

Now rename all your video files in this folder with the prefix S0XE0X, so your files should look like S01E01 Our Trip to The Beach.avi

Now create a nfo file for each episode, naming each nfo file the same as the episode:

S01E01 Our Trip to The Beach.avi
S01E01 Our Trip to The Beach.nfo

Inside each episode .nfo file, paste this code and edit it as you wish

<title>Our Trip to The Beach</title>
<plot>Our trip to the beach.</plot>

EXACTLY the way to do it.

Following up on this old thread. How did you create fanart for each "episode" of your home videos?

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