best way to have "home videos" in XBMC?
(2014-08-19, 17:15)kev18 Wrote:
(2014-02-08, 14:48)uNiversal Wrote: Its probably been mentiaoned before but Custom_video_entries#Additional_guides (wiki) has great guides in forum which cover this from start to finish.

The thing is that like Nigo, i have many short videos that I want to group them together under one heading or poster. I want to view them like TV episodes and I Dont want each short video to be in its own folder.

I have tried EMM, if I put them in Category Movie but wont sort them in separate folder, it will not generate .nfo for each movie so I cant group them into set. if I put them in tvshow, it wont generate .nfo for each short video as episode, even though the naming is right (The problem is that it cant find the right entry in TVDB.

Still trying to figure out a good way to do this.

Same thing apply if I want to group multiple music video under one poster or one entry in XBMC music video

Try sets?
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