Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
I am new to this forum so not sure about the development status of XBMC on mk802 but here I am to share my experience about the empatzero's build. I have successfully cross compiled it with few adjustments to the rootfs and file and built xbmca10.deb once the build is complete. Installed on a lubuntu from miniand and I was surprised with the result.

Let me say, even though empatzero claims it 0.0.1 (alpha), I admit it's quite usable. The XBMC UI is responsive and showing around 43-45 fps at 720p mode. Regarding the video playback, initially it crashed with a 1080p movie (h264 mkv). Then I tried couple of 720p and they played flawlessly so I assume it's using CedarX (Shivansps, how can I make sure it's not SW decoding). Then I again tried 1080p video, it crashed. I was so excited of the result that I gave it another try and surprisingly this time it played 1080p too without any major issue (some flickering initially).

This is really a great news. Looking forward for some official words from xbmc team...
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