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Oh! I didn't mean the lyrics, but lyrics-writer, producer, recording dates etc. Copyrights can be a problem due to the different countries i guess. But there is no problem to put this in the database at the same time we write reviews and stuff,
I see complete lyrics might be a broblem due to copyrights. but writers, producers and stuff should stil be the same Smile (I'm glad I have a personal solution to scrape lyrics in Mediamonkey Wink )
But in the movieDb we can put in release date according to different contries. Maybe we can use the same system here, when it comes to labels and release dates?
I've always used wikipedia as "official" releasedates my self.

PS! I made a mistake to upload wrong picture on one of the tracks on Springsteens "Greatings" album, How am I able to delete it??


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