Whole House Distro setup - XBMC based on VmWare ESXi 5
I have been working on my system for awhile now constantly tweaking (to my wife's disdain!)

I am currently running a server with 4 VM's. One running Windows Server 2012 for media, two VM's with Win 7 and XBMC, and a vCMA for iPad control of all VM's.

Server is a Norco 4220 with 2 - 10 TB RAID 5 arrays for media and 2 - 2TB RAID 1's for storage (photo's, music and data). ESXi 5.0.2 is running on a Tyan S5510GM3NR with an Intel E3-1220 V2 CPU and 8GB of Ram. A Plextor M5Pro is my Datastore for the VM's. 2 IBM M5015s as RAID cards. Two Radeons as the video cards (one 6670 and one 6450)

My setup downstairs is a 105" Screen with a
Video Stream --> XBMC --> Onkyo 5507 Pre/Pro --> Lumagen XD Video Processor --> JVC DLA-X3 Projector --> Draper Onyx 105"
Audio Stream is 7.1 from XBMC --> Onkyo 5507 Pre/Pro --> B&K 125.7 & Parasound HALO A21 (It's actually setup for 9.1)

Speakers are 2 Custom Zaph Audio ZRT (FL & FR) , Center and Front High are SpeakerCraft Tantra 3's, SB and SS are SpeakerCraft Tantra 10.1's in ceiling and a JL Audio Fathom F110 provides the low-end .

Everything is controlled by RTI Remotes through an RTI XP-8, Theater is using a T3V and upstairs is using two T2V's.

Whole house distribution is over Cat5e using Key Digital 8x8 Matrix for both Audio and Video. To solve the HDMI distribution problem for now (until an Atlona HDBaseT 6x6 Matrix is a little more reasonable) I am using an HDMI Fury 3 for upstairs. The Theater has HDMI directly running to it.

Here is the rack!

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