Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
I have been working on this app to manage my video library for some time now.

This app has taken months of hard work to get it to this point and I built it from scratch, but it's working very well now and I use it to manage my own library daily, so I though it was time to release it into the wild.

Get it from any one of the following locations:

32/64 Bit Unified Installer

The installer will automatically deploy the correct version depending on what operating system the app is being installed on.

VideoExplorer Full Install - Latest Version

App runs on .NET Framework 4.5

It will auto update itself whenever I release updates.

The Main Screen



I wrote this app because I couldn't find any app that would do a MediaInfo type interrogation of a list of movies in one pass and then present that information to me in a neat way so that I could compare the properties of lots of different movies, or browse through my collection and instantly see all the properties of the video, audio and subtitle streams.

Feature List

1. CoverFlow view for your movies that honors the XBMC naming conventions for covers (cover.jpg, poster.jpg). View is optional.

2. All information presented on ONE form with tab controls and other UI features allowing rapid navigation between movies and between different information about a movie without ever leaving the main screen.

3. Powerful genre filter.

4. Powerful grids with grouping and sorting capability, column customization and persistent layouts.

5. Built in thumbnailing of posters and caching of movie information so that reloading the same movie more than once without changes results in massive speed improvements after the first time.

6. Leverages MKVToolNix to remux movies straight from the main grid, with stream selection from another grid. Also to do rapid removal of Header Stripping.

7. Built in file renamer for 3D movies that will rename your 3D movie files, and subsidiary files according to the accepted naming standards of XBMC and XBMC skins.

8. 3D movie recognition and 3D file name parsing with visual queues to show you that a movie is a 3D movie.

9. NFO file editor that allows you to rapidly edit Genres and Movies Sets and save changes back to the NFO file. This again adheres to the XBMC NFO file standard.

10. Automatically show your Poster and Fanart artwork if it exists in the same folder as your movie file as per XBMC standard folder per movie naming and structure conventions.

11. Supports drag n drop from a normal Windows explorer window straight onto the main grid.

And there are other cool things it does too.

Basic usage instructions

1. You can either Browse for a folder to load movies from using the button at the top of the screen, then click Refresh OR you can drag and drop movies or folders containing movies, or a combination of both onto the main grid.

2. Right click menu on the main grid exposes lots of functionality.

3. Right click grid column headers to activate Column Chooser and Grouping Box.

Audio and Video Streams


Artwork Viewer


NFO File Editor


Remux movies directly from the main grid



MediaInfo - Use their library to interrogate the movies and obtain all the stream information that I parse into C# objects using a C# parser that I wrote myself. - I used his source code for the CoverFlow control I am now using. I've done a lot of enhancements to it but all the hard work was done by him.
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