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Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-01-25, 07:07)LazerBlue Wrote: I like the setup. Looks great! Right before you posted your videos, I had just pulled the trigger on a strip of the WS2812b with the controller integrated into the 5050 package. I'm currently using a 10 zone setup with a couple TLC5490's and an arduino uno but am moving and the TV will be hung so no room for the control box anymore and all the wires required for that setup. I'm hoping ill be able to go the same route software wise that you did because that is exactly the way I've wanted to set them up. So are you just running the Ambibox software and plugin or is there more there?

Just AmbiBox, but I personally haven't tried using the software for the Arduino available to drive the WS2811 or WS2812's with AmbiBox. If you are successful with using the libraries for your strips with AmbiBox, please let me know. A strip upgrade might be in order for me... Smile

(2014-01-25, 00:37)nickr Wrote: I had originally envisaged the light strip lying flat against the back of the TV, shining backwards and reflecting off the wall. Pointing how you have them makes more sense and makes it much simpler to turn the corners. The hooks could leave it all a bit loose, and I will explore some gentle tensioning, perhaps with some sewing elastic.

Anyway I have ordered my lights, how long did it take for yours to turn up?

These or something similar might work for you making 90 degree turns if you decide to mount facing directly backwards from the screen: http://www.amazon.com/L-shape-4-conducto...d_sim_e_15

I was more concerned because I have cherry wood to reflect the light back towards the viewer. If your screen is mounted on a light colored wall, it may be less of an issue.

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