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Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-03-19, 22:21)TRaSH Wrote: well installed everything setup default profile to use,
when installing AmbiBox it also installed the xbmc plugin.
when starting xbmc it shows that ambibox works,
(replaced the installed version with the version provided earlier (latest version from github))
i choose in AmbiBox XBMC Direct to capture in xbmc (xbmc running in not true full screen)

it does flicker bot the colors are completly off.
need to see which settings i need to seup more in AmbiBox and in the settings of the AmbiBox plugin

If your processor/video card can handle it, try one of the other capture modes and see if you have better luck. I personally always had issues with the Direct XBMC capture mode. I did also have to change the color settings modestly but my colors were never 'completely off'. Just a little on the blue side. Once you have it correctly setup for 16:9 video, it's fairly easy to create other profiles for 4:3 and 2.35:1 and any other common aspect ratios that you encounter.

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Video of my ambient lighting setup0