Accessibility Features - what do you think?
Inspired by the stream selection features for impaired people in PR4087 I thought about this whole accessibility thing some more and came to the conclusion that we could probably add more of these features to XBMC. As a starter I came up with the following:

Add a "accessibility" section to our settings and duplicate (if settings system is fine with this) some settings there:
- skin font / size
- subtitle font / size / color
- navigation sounds
- the impaired streams preferences of PR4087
- high contrast GUI (new feature, maybe via post-processing or just a high contrast theme for Confluence)
- screen reader (new text to speach feature, maybe via Google service, so that blind people could f.e. browse their music library)

What is the general opinion in adding more accessibility stuff? I know XBMC will never be 100% accessible, but we could at least provide basics.
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Accessibility Features - what do you think? - by da-anda - 2014-01-26, 14:12

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