OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Does it occur with passthrough/non-passthrough? - Passthrough
While playing normally or during pause/seeking? - playing
What make/model of receiver/TV? - Samsung HDTV, C7000 series
Does the receiver indicate any sync loss when the chirp happens? - Not aware of such an indicator
Does it occur with all files? - Don't think so. See additional detail below.
Does reverting to an earlier firmware (start_x.elf/fixup_x.dat) solve the problem? - will have to test. will try later.
Can you identify the firmware version that introduced the problem. - The first time I noticed it was after I installed the November 20 nightly build from xbmcnightlybuilds.

Anything in common with files that chirp? (i.e. sampling rate, coded, number of channels) - One file I noticed the effect on was an MP4 with 2 channel AAC audio. The other occasion I noticed it was streaming the Doctor Who 50th anniversary show from the BBC. 2 channels also. No idea what the encoding was. I did not notice the issue in 2 multichannel Mpeg2s recorded OTA and played back with the myth plugin. I can try other files if it will help.

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