WIP Video Player Visualization (Update 21st Oct 2014: v0.1.0)
(2014-10-05, 16:40)gominoa Wrote: Good catch, fixed. I don't 100% know what I'm doing with configure.in and Makefile.in, but that shouldn't stop it from compiling.
It should apply cleanly to https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/releases/tag/13.2-Gotham

Does it make it through ./bootstrap and ./configure ?

Compiled it with OpenELEC build tools for Helix (with your Helix patch) and that went fine, when compiling Gotham (With your faulty Gotham patch) it failed and didn't gave me error log that I could use to find issue.
Compiled it for Linux Ubuntu (with both your faulty Gotham and Helix patch) went fine as well, didn't tested a Windows compile yet.

Created a new Gotham patch myself and compiling OpenELEC again now and see what happens.

Still not compiling. I expected it to succeed when it passed XBMC package but failed again later.

Quote:[20:57] <fritsch> schumi2004: video.cpp:29:25: fatal error: DllAvFormat.h: No such file or directory #include "DllAvFormat.h"
[20:57] <fritsch> it needs adjustment to compile on OpenELEC
[20:57] <fritsch> see the other files that were transitioned to internal ffmpeg

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