Win HOW TO - Configure Kodi DSPlayer with LAV Filters, XySubFilter & madVR
  1. If you encounter any problem files that result in a black screen while seeking (this should be rare), it is advised to remux these files to a new container or assign them to another player. For mp4 files, MP42MKVac3 offers quick and painless conversion of mp4s into an mkv format with no alteration to the audio or video streams.
  2. Occasional black screens on load or stop can be caused by a failure of the player to switch to the correct refresh rate. Try swapping madVR's refresh rate switching for Kodi, or Kodi for madVR. To use Kodi, leave the display modes field blank in madVR and set Kodi to Adjust display refresh rate under Video settings. To use madVR, disable refresh rate switching in Kodi and configure the textbox in display modes to include all compatible display modes.
  3. If the player fails to load or crashes on stop:
    - Ensure Use system filters (DirectShow merits) is unchecked in DSPlayer settings
    - Ensure the content path is a SMB (Windows) share
    - Disable any custom resolutions
    - Disable fullscreen exclusive mode from Kodi
    - Do not disable present several frames in advance in madVR windowed or exclusive settings
    - Check to determine if the madVR folder was deleted at some point
    - Update madVR to the latest release
    - Turn off Hardware Acceleration in LAV Video (particularly if using Direct3D 11 for presentation in madVR general settings)
    - If the player is crashing on stop, enable - Force madVR to exit from fullscreen before stop in DSPlayer settings

Known Issues/Bugs:

- Adding ReloadSkin() to a keyboard.xml causes DSPlayer to crash on stop dropping from playback back to the home screen.

 - PGS subtitles sometimes will not show if Deliver only Forced Subtitles is checked under Blu-ray Subtitles (PGS) in LAV Splitter. This seems to impact a small number of users and may be related to the software used to rip the source.

- The setting Use limited color range in Kodi is ignored by the DSPlayer OSD that appears during video playback. This should only be an issue when the following output chain is used: 16-235 (madVR) -> 0-255 (GPU) -> 16-235 (Display).

- Enabling subtitles can cause HDR playback to corrupt the image. The source of these subtitles is unknown and this issue seems to be isolated to a couple of known users.

If you are experiencing problems, it is advised to capture a debug log of the issue in Kodi and post it to the official forum.

How to Capture a Debug Log in Kodi:

Turn on dubugging in System -> Debugging. Restart Kodi and recreate the circumstances leading to the error. Close Kodi. Navigate to kodi.log in the AppData\Roaming\Kodi folder. Copy and paste this log to Pastebin and provide a link in the DSPlayer forum.

It is possible to enable silent debugging by creating an advancedsettings.xml and placing it in the userdata folder. This bypasses debugging settings in Kodi. Add the following to advancedsettings.xml:
<loglevel>1</loglevel> <!-- Setting this to "1" hides the on-screen debug log text -->

How to Capture a Crash Report for madVR:

Crashes likely caused by madVR should be logged via a madVR crash report. Crash reports are produced by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+BREAK when madVR becomes unresponsive. This report will appear on the desktop. Again, copy and paste this log to Pastebin and provide a link in the DSPlayer forum.

Not all keyboards contain a Break/Pause key. On my wireless Logitech keyboard, Break/Pause is accessed by FN+P. So a madVR crash report is produced by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+FN+P.


When debugging, it is recommended to download the PDB file on the DSPlayer download page, rename it as Kodi.pdb and place it in the same folder as Kodi.exe (the Kodi executable). The PDB assists in tracking debug logs and madVR crash reports. Each PDB is directly associated with the accompanying DSPlayer installer.

Please describe your personal settings and the circumstances leading to the problem:

Windows 10
madVR v0.88.21
Direct3D 11 for presentation
fullscreen exclusive mode
Kodi set to Adjust display refresh rate
madVR display modes: 1080p23, 1080p60
Kodi madVR GUI enabled

Playback is started and the video fails to select the correct refresh rate. Playback remains stuck at 60 Hz.

Questions and concerns should be forwarded to the Official DSPlayer Forum!

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