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(2018-08-24, 06:45)Mount81 Wrote: Hmm... The following makes me wonder regarding the seriousness and the competence of this guide... "Suggestions for Samsung users": turn on Motion Plus. Yea, if you want constant and random generated micro stutters (hick ups) in the motion. I have H6400 and even with the sliders on 30% it will produce these (and even some micro artifacts sometimes). Not to mention the also not-so desirable soap-opera effect and in general it definitely alters artificially the "native" PQ and motion display of the video... Motion plus is better on tuned entirely OFF, or just Set to Custom and both sliders to Zero. Some -few- are lucky with higher settings to, but I wouldn't make such a suggestions if there's so high probability of PQ and motion display errors (and beside when the user won't even know why these appear).
You're spot on.  I don't take this guide seriously and I'm incompetent.  I didn't take into account your 2014 1080p television might not perform the same as my newer 4k even though my old 2010 television performed equally as well using smooth motion settings when the guide was written.  Samsung is not serious and they too are incompetent for providing the algorithm and misleading us clowns that use their TV's. 

Due to your guidance, I'm now certain I was hallucinating back in 2015 when I made that statement you find imperative to resurect. When I had the setting off and the news ticker going across my screen looked like a rapid fire machine gun of frames, I must have been mistaken.  After turning the setting on, the smoothness the algorithm provided must have also been a figment of my imagination and the pages of discussion from users also confirming smooth results elsewhere must also have been in a group trance.  We are all complete idiots but thanks to you, we've been educated.

I've read other folks (usually without the capability) complain that introducing fake interpolated 240Hz frames per second must have a high probability of terrible picture quality and errors because the native frames are no longer 'pure'.  If pure means living with horrible motion, count me out.  I paid extra for the algorithm and I'm going to use it... happily.  In fact, the clarity in motion is fantastic to my eyes and the algorithm works incredibly but remember, I'm hallucinating and incompetent.  I never understood how folks see 120 or 240 individual frames per second because all I see is a blend that leads to the smooth motion but then I'm abnormal with the incompetence and all.  I suppose I could cherry pick artificial frames out of the millions contained in a video until I came across something that was a little off and march down mainstreet with it protesting in disgust but, I'd rather just watch the movie smoothly tbh.

Maybe the algo has improved over time.  Maybe the algo from one manufacturer works better than another.  Regardless, thank you so much for your opined skills and revelations for the benefit you and you alone provide in your trolling adventures from thread to thread and the guides you yourself provide and take pride in hoping you help others.  You should also contact Samsung, LG and madshi regarding these smooth motion algorithms so you can clue them in too.  Make sure you lead off with the lack of seriousness and incompetence for full effect.

I'm frustrated.  I think the best thing to do is abandon this thread indefinitely.  You win.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
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