Req alternative to prevent abuse of <requires> in addon.xml
well... for years it used to be ok for skins to depend on a handful or even a dozen addons...
that is, until kodi decided to change things and disallow users to uninstall those addons.
and now, all of a sudden, skinners are to blame for 'abusing' stuff??
sorry, but that's the world upside down.

personally i believe it's important that skins can provide an out-of-the-box experience with all the bells and whistles included.
i'm not interested to provide a skin that comes with a manual, explaining users what addons they need to install to get the best out of the skin.

the proposed 'requires tag' to install optional addons seems like a perfect idea to me.
but until that is implemented, i'm not going to 'enforce' anything on anybody.
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