RPi2 Limited color range? White clipping
I sure believe that not to be the case, those files are designed to show more bars if your TV supports it, or if your settings are off enough to see them.
As I said, I can see them using other players to display them, this is an Rpi2 issue.

Black-Level – Most often this control will be called brightness, and
you can use chapters 1 and 2 for adjustment. On the first pattern set
black-level to the lowest setting where the bars numbered 17-25 flash.
For the second pattern it may be more difficult to see 17 flash, and we
suggest setting black-level no lower than where you can see 19-28
flash with typical viewing conditions.
Turning up the black levels to a too bright level should see all bars flash...they do not

White-Level – The APL Clipping
pattern includes more levels below reference white

Manufacturers may call this control contrast or
picture, and chapters 2 and 3 allow for adjustments. Start by setting
white-level very low so you can easily see the bars flash. Ideally you
would want to see all the numbered bars 223-253 flash on these two
patterns at a low setting, but in some situations the bars numbered
235-253 may never flash. Begin turning up white-level and watch to
see if any bars stop flashing as you increase white-level. Generally we
suggest using the highest setting available before 244 or lower
disappear, but at minimum the 223-234 bars should always flash. On
some displays the bars may not disappear even using the highest

Check out the BASIC settings here, page 3-5
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