- An Open Cocktail Database with API
I am using the default images (700x700 & 1000x1000) you have on the db, the interface despite looking different is pretty small hence the speed. Also Kodi caches the images and you don't have to grab them again if loaded once.

The initial instructions delay can be configured on the addon settings but I'll add another second to the default value.

As for the second request, it might be a bit tricky. Is doable but it will require a bit of time to implement since the xmlwindow is the same for screensaver & lookup (hence a few keys locked). I'll leave that for a further update after submission (when u implement description of ingredients on the db).

Don't know if you plan to add API keys to the site but it would be cool to use a proper key instead of '1'.

Also, I will add a way to mark drinks as favourites + a new item on the menu. Think it will be quick to implement.

If you don't like any of the builtin images for the menus just send me new ones (same size) and I will replace them.

Glad you like it Wink

Ps: rounded textures stolen from script.extendedinfo so credits to phil (mentioned on README on GitHub)
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