Release Rapier 9.6.6 for Kodi 16 Jarvis [DEPRECATED]
Available through the official Kodi repository!

As we are getting closer to the release of Kodi 18 Leia, this will be the final version for Kodi 16 Jarvis.
If you haven't done so already, I strongly encourage you to update to Kodi 17 Krypton or Kodi 18 Leia!


To install this skin for Kodi 16 Jarvis, you must do so from the Add-on Manager within Kodi:
  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Kodi Add-on repository
  5. Look and feel
  6. Skins
  7. Rapier
  8. Install


  • The home screen categories are changed and updated. Click here for screenshots.
    This allows for a more modern look, faster load times, smoother animations and reduced skin size. The categories now use a regular text label instead of images, which makes it far more flexible. All home screen widgets top right has been changed slightly and an extra visible item has been added (now 5 items).
    All custom categories have been RESET to "Custom 1", "Custom 2" etc.
    Go to Skin Settings > Home > Category Menu > Add more categories / 2 / 3 / 4 >
    Click the "Name" button to set the category name (this new name is used throughout the skin and also in the skin settings).
    - If home screen navigation buttons are disabled, 11 characters maximum are recommended.
    - If home screen navigation buttons are enabled, 10 characters maximum are recommended.
  • An Events button has been added to the home screen system submenu.
  • Increased the speed of most home screen widgets. Random / Featured widgets now updates every time the home screen is entered.

  • A full event log window has been added (go to System -> System -> Logging -> Show Event Log).
  • Audio DSP Manager window has been added. Screenshot.
  • Audio DSP Settings dialog has been added. Screenshot.

  • A Manage button has been added to movie information window and several buttons are moved to this menu.
  • A Set My Rating button has been added to the Manage menu. This adds user ratings for movies, tv shows, episodes, music videos etc. Clicking this label opens up the dialog to set it.
  • The song information dialog has been redesigned slightly. It now includes a Set My Rating button and the rating label (star rating images has been removed).
  • An "Auto Update" button has been added to the add-on information window. Use this to enable/disable automatic updates seperately for each add-on.
  • Clicking the path label in the video / music information window will open up the text viewer dialog with the info (useful for long paths if you don't want to wait for the text scrolling).
  • A "Download Extrafanart" button has been added to the video information window.

  • Audio DSP button in fullscreen music OSD has been added.

  • A "Group Timers" button has been added to PVR Timers windows.
  • PVR radio RDS info dialog has been added and an RDS button has been added to fullscreen music OSD.
  • A PVR guide / search window View Option has been added to show the channel icons instead of channel labels. Screenshot.

  • The feature to use image resource add-ons.
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Media -> Videos -> Select Movie Genre Icon Pack to install movie genre icons (I recommend installing Xzener's Reflected Icons).
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Media -> Music -> Select Music Genre Icon Pack to install music genre icons (I recommend installing Music Genre Icons - Text).
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Backgrounds -> General -> Select Movie / TV Show Genre Background Pack to install movie or tv show genre fanart (I recommend installing Movie Genre Fanart - Blue Wall).
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Backgrounds -> General -> Select Music / Music Video Genre Background Pack to install music or music video genre fanart. Click here for screenshots
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Backgrounds -> Weather -> Condition (Add-on) to install weather fanart packs.
    - Go to Skin Settings -> Weather -> Select Weather Icon Pack to install weather icons.
  • Support for movie and tv show genre fanart image packs (Skin.Settings > Backgrounds > General) has been added. Click here for screenshots.
    I created 3 genre fanart image packs: Wall Blue, Wall Red and Wall Grey - where Wall Blue works really well for the main blue Rapier theme. Thanks to TBinfection and Buff from the forums.
    Use this button to select a genre background image pack to be used in the movies and tv shows genre node.
  • From Kodi 16 no GUI sounds are shipped directly with skins. The add-on resource.uisounds.rapier ("Rapier UI Sounds") is available in the official repository and should be automatically installed with the Rapier skin. Go to System -> Appearance -> Skin -> GUI Sounds to select your preferred GUI sounds add-on. This can be any GUI sounds add-on from any skin.
  • During fullscreen episode playback, Nextup Notification now includes In Progress episodes list. Click here for screenshots.
    Click the In Progress list to got to that episode instead of the one currently playing.
  • ExtendedInfo auto completions are now hidden when the keyboard dialog requests a password.
  • Skin support for all Audio DSP add-ons. Description and screenshots here.
  • Support has been added for the add-on plugin.program.autocompletion. This is needed for keyboard autocompletions.
  • Added support for script.user.rating. Use this add-on to rate your movies, tv shows or episodes. A "Set My Rating" button has been added to the context menu, and is enabled in Skin Settings > Configure Menus. The dialog used by the script is skinned (requires v1.0.2 or higher). Screenshot.
  • Added support for This add-on is integrated in ExtendedInfo video list window.
  • Support has been added for
  • Added support for, and

  • Audio information during picture slideshow will now animate out after 5 seconds of idle time.

  • A new section has been added to the skin settings: Configure Menus. Use this section to enable/disable buttons in the shutdown menu and context menu.

  • Stereoscopic 3D support has been added throughout the skin.
  • A context menu button has been added to activate player controls dialog when playing media (disabled by default in the skin settings).
    Skin Settings > Configure Menus > Context Menu > Open player controls
  • A Settings menu dialog has been added to the menubar in the weather window. This allows you to choose weather icons and background fanart packs. Screenshot
  • If you use a remote control or similar, menucontrol tags have been added to all windows for easier navigation. Just press the menu key.
  • Dynamic content is now properly sorted.
  • Oninfo action (press "I" or "Info" key) has been added to open up additional windows and information.
  • Coding input have been added to the keyboard dialog.
  • New media flags has been added: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
    Add ".atmos" or "dtsx" / "dts-x" to the file name (needs to have TrueHD / Dolby Digital Plus audio for Dolby Atmos or DTS-HD Master Audio for DTS:X).
    See the new wiki section for proper naming of video files.

  • PVR timeshift labels for PVR fullscreen playback.

The first post will always be updated with the latest information and changelog.
If you have any problems or find any bugs, please let me know right away.
Also, if you have features, ideas, designs etc. you would like added, I'll be more than happy to help.

You can always follow latest development, download uncompressed textures etc. on Github.

You can manually install my repository to automatically receive the newest development updates. You will still receive the official updates.

You can find a detailed guide to Rapier's skin settings at the wiki.

Please keep this thread reserved for Rapier for Kodi 16 Jarvis.
Click here for Rapier for Kodi 18 Leia.
Click here for Rapier for Kodi 17 Krypton.



- Language updates.
- Bugfixing.
- Hide bookmarks button for fullscreen live tv.
- More OSD buttons are now available for PVR recordings and other content.

9.6.3 (19-September-17)
- Added DTS:X media flag.

9.6.2 (18-September-17)
- Fix for missing artist slideshow images during music playback.
- Audio information during picture slideshow will now animate out after 5 seconds of idle time.
- Added media flag for Dolby Atmos.

9.6.1 (9-July-17)
- Removed resource.uisounds.rapier (Rapier UI Sounds) dependency.
- Fonts cleanup.
- Added scroll animation for list in subtitles dialog.
- Updated login screen.
- Updated language files from Transifex.
- Fixes for weather window.

9.6.0 (21-April-17)
- Redesign of home screen categories.
- Slightly redesign of home screen widgets.
- Updated navigation for all widgets.
- Custom categories now use a regular text label instead of images.
- Custom category names are now used in the skin settings instead of "Custom 1", "Custom 2" etc.
- Removed all custom category images from skin.rapier/extras/ folder.
- Removed all category images from skin.rapier/media/homecategories/ folder.
- Updated screenshots.

9.5.22 (16-March-17)
- Fix missing Icon View for picture and program add-ons.

9.5.21 (4-March-17)
- Added "Download Extrafanart" button to video information window.
- Updated infolabels for v1.1.3

9.5.20 (25-February-17)
- Added support for
- Added support for
- Added support for
- Decreased the size of home screen category icons.

9.5.19 (11-February-17)
- Added Fullscreen button to Player Controls dialog.
- Fix for PVR subchannel numbers.

9.5.18 (24-January-17)
- New status bar battery notification.
- Added "Add-on Settings" button to top options menu bar when an add-on is running.
- List View normal style now defaults to file icon when no icon is available.
- During fullscreen episode playback, Nextup Notification now includes In Progress episodes list.
- Fix for home screen widget fanart.
- Added support for
- Added subtitle delay label for subtitle delay button in the fullscreen video OSD.
- Added Reload Skin button to Skin Settings > Skin Settings.

9.5.17 (19-December-16)
- Added additional home screen custom category images.
- Clicking Back on all widgets will go to the first item in the list.
- When playing music, home screen progress bar is changed to blue.
- Updated skin settings for artwork downloader to match supported artwork types.
- Added close button to text viewer dialog.
- Updated language strings from Transifex.
- Fixed VC-1 codec media flags.
- If no trailer is available, trailer buttons will display "Search Trailer".

9.5.16 (24-November-16)
- Genre icons now also work inside containers.
- Added support for music / music video genre fanart image packs (Skin Settings > Backgrounds).
- Improvements of artist / album information window.
- Added Play button in album information window.

9.5.15 (8-November-16)
- Added media flags for PVR recordings.

9.5.14 (19-October-16)
- Added Noto Sans font.
- Added context menu button to activate player controls dialog when playing media (disabled by default in the skin settings).
- Update of slideshow window.
- Added PVR guide / search window View Option to show channel icons instead of channel labels.

9.5.13 (5-October-16)
- Added new fallback image in Favourites dialog.
- Update of Skin Settings > Supported add-ons section with "Manual installation" section.
- Updated login screen.
- PVR radio improvements and updates.
- Clicking the path label in video / music information window, will open up text viewer dialog with the info.
- Home screen weather category will take you to weather settings if no weather add-on is installed.
- Added support for LibreELEC settings (home screen System category submenu).
- Fullscreen video window Paused label will now also show buffering.
- Added Paused / Buffering labels to fullscreen music window.

9.5.12 (19-September-16)
- Added Skin Settings > Media > Music Playing > setting to enable fullscreen window when starting music.
- Updated Presets Dialog with Weather section (when creating custom categories / submenus).
- Increased the size of add-on settings dialog.
- Changed all instances of "Live TV" to "TV".
- Added more info on the next playing item in information dialog when playing fullscreen live tv.
- Bugfixing of PVR section.
- Added fanart for PVR recordings with view option to disable.
- Added Homizio Nova font.
- Added clearlogo to PVR recordings window with view option to disable.
- Bugfixing of unrated / no rating media flags.
- Info pane label 2 will now display sort method if no other info is available.
- Added support for movie and tv show genre fanart image packs (Skin.Settings > Backgrounds).
- Added multilingual font.
- Updated screen calibration window.

9.5.11 (26-July-16)
- Code cleanup.
- Added more animations to "Low CPU Power Mode".
- Updated playlist windows: changed shuffle button, added info labels and media flags.
- Added Playlist View to current playlist window.
- Updated playlist editor window.
- Added Extended View to movie, tv show and music video tags.
- Added season number breadcrumb to episode window.

9.5.10 (2-July-16)
- Updated main category languages (thanks to patria o muerte, rootsun, NEOhidra).
- Updated favourites dialog.
- Updated README and merged README.txt into
- Added weather add-on settings button to weather window settings dialog.
- Bugfixing of add-on browser breadcrumbs.

9.5.9 (19-June-16)
- Bugfixing of PVR breadcrumbs.
- File browser dialog buttons "New folder" and "Mirror image" are now only visible when enabled.
- Fix skin settings scrollbar navigation.
- Visualisations and fanart are both visible when playing music.

9.5.8 (5-June-16)
- Updated busy dialog with busy spinner.
- Added scroll animation to OSD PVR Channels and Guide dialogs.
- Update of ADSP Manager dialog.

9.5.7 (25-May-16)
- Added watched and partially watched overlays to Icon View with view option to disable them (thanks to MaikoHermans).
- Added View Option to use vertical navigation for Wall View.
- Rearranged some View Options buttons.
- Fixed info pane genre labels for movie sets.

9.5.6 (17-May-16)
- Added "Enable Low CPU Power Mode" button to Skin Settings > General. This replaces "Animations" section and can disable animations and reset CPU demanding skin settings.
- Added home screen music playlist widget with player controls.

9.5.5 (12-May-16)
- All Youtube searches will now use ExtendedInfo with Youtube Browser window.
- Added List View and List Info 2 View to Youtube Browser window.
- Skin Settings: Fanart, backgrounds and custom backgrounds are now dimmed individually on a 0-100% scale.
- Skin Settings: Custom backgrounds preview image is now dimmed according to settings when "Background Brightness" button is focused.

9.5.4 (4-May-16)
- Fixed home screen addon shortcut focus animation.
- Update of script.rss.editor windows.
- Next Aired infolabels will now properly use a fallback label.
- Added Subtitle Position button to fullscreen video OSD subtitles popup.
- Updated descriptions for Supported Add-ons with "Required" labels.
- The selected Skin Settings section button will now stay highlighted when other items are focused.
- Added oninfo to Programs views to open custom programs window.
- Added Quick Jump navigation, which can be enabled in the Skin Settings.

9.5.3 (17-April-16)
- Skinned dialog for script.user.rating (requires v1.0.2 or higher).
- Fixed home screen custom widget scroll animation.
- Bugfixing of add-on settings dialog and system settings radio buttons.

9.5.2 (8-April-16)
- Added Similar Movies button to movie information window Extra Info dialog for movie sets.
- Added onclick function to movie / tv shows information window Similar Movies / TV Shows list.
- Fix for top options menubar Update Library button.
- Added Awards / Critics to ExtendedInfo video information window.
- Added ExtendedInfo TV Show Information in season and episode levels.
- Skin Settings > Supported Add-ons section will now have add-on descriptions.
- Skin Settings will now have main category descriptions.

9.5.1 (3-April-16)
- Updated screenshots.
- Removed startup background and skin logo.
- Added Search button to presets dialog when creating custom categories and submenus.
- Animated posters are available for all movie and sets views.
- Updated language files from Transifex.

9.5.0 (30-March-16)
- Added Search dialog when search button or home screen Kodi logo button is clicked.
- Added Search submenu button to the home screen General category.
- Updated ADSP settings dialog.
- Merge, update and redesign of Icon View, Thumbnail View and TV Shows Banner View.
- Added new Icon View for movie sets.
- Updated language files from Transifex.
- ExtendedInfo video information window trailer button now closes the window if a trailer exists.
- Added "Edit Nodes" button to top options menu bar when in the nodes section of libraries (will install plugin.library.node.editor).
- Added plugin.library.node.editor to Skin Settings > Supported Add-ons section.
- Added support for animated movie poster in the View Options for List View, List Info View, List Info 3 View, Fanart View and movie information window.
- Centered yes/no dialog, busy dialog, ok dialog and progress dialog.
- Added support for
- Added "Configure Menus" section to skin settings. Enable / disable shutdown menu and context menu items.
- Changed top options menubar Filter button to radiobutton.
- Added Preview button to Skin Settings > General when enabling startup video / image.
- Removed add-on star rating and rating since it doesn't work.
- Added support for script.user.rating in the context menu of movies, tv shows and episodes library.
- Font fixes.
- Removed loading PVR channels in startup window.

9.4.4 (2-March-16)
- Fix for ExtendedInfo VideoList and YoutubeList windows.
- Added date label to Info Pane in pictures windows.
- Added List Info 3 and Thumbs Info Views to pictures windows.
- Increased size of picture information dialog.
- Added CPU usage progress bar and Memory usage progress bar to system information window.

9.4.3 (25-February-16)
- Added Settings menu dialog to menubar in weather window. This allows you to choose weather icons and background fanart packs.

9.4.2 (24-February-16)
- Changed visibility for "Current Playlist" button in the menubar when a playlist is active.
- Fixed missing label for location button in weather window menubar.

9.4.1 (21-February-16)
- Added sort letter notification for global search window.
- Bugfixing of clear logo visibility in Extended List View.
- Changed labels of breadcrumbs in information windows.
- Added missing Group Timers button to menubar in PVR Timers windows.
- PVR Windows will now dim when view options dialog is visible.
- Added In Progress TV Shows submenu to the home screen TV Shows category.
- Removed "Scan for Missing Icons" button in PVR menubar. Go to Settings > Live TV > Menu / OSD instead.
- Updated Hebrew home screen category images (thanks to dontel).
- Added support for plugin.program.autocompletion in DialogKeyboard.xml and Skin Settings > Supported Add-ons.
- Updated calls for script.extendedinfo.
- Added additional PVR info to Guide / Search / Timers windows.

9.4.0 (12-February-16)
- Greatly improved visible conditions of fullscreen OSD, information and codec information dialogs.
- Added General skin setting to enable startup video, audio or image.
- Code cleanup.
- Added PVR Stream Information when displaying codec info for fullscreen live radio.
- Added Audio DSP button in fullscreen music OSD.
- Improved skin settings Media and Backgrounds.
- All movie, set, tv show, episode and music video star ratings are now using half stars (0-10).
- Label position fix for RSS Editor windows.
- Update of home screen system info widget.
- Bugfixing of images in DialogVideoInfo.xml
- Added view option to movies, tv shows and seasons to show year in the info pane.
- Update of music and movie genre image resource add-ons.
- Added new view type to movies and sets library: Recommended View (using script.extendedinfo).
- Bugfixing of blu-ray and dvd media flags.
- Add-on settings dialog is now centered in fullscreen video and audio window.
- Update of music OSD. New menu is added for Visualisations.
- Updated languages from Transifex.

9.3.0 (4-January-16)
- Update of text viewer dialog.
- Updated some textures in video libraries.
- Added fanart backgrounds (movies, tv shows, videos, music: random, recent, in progress, unwatched) to custom categories. THIS WILL BREAK ALL CURRENT CUSTOM CATEGORY BACKGROUNDS!
- Updated some home screen category image languages.
- Redesign of home screen weather widget.
- Changed position of home screen system information widget.
- When movies or tv show episodes are paused, a poster or clear art / clear logo will be visible in the bottom left corner.
- Added PseudoTV / PseudoTV Live visible condition to DialogSeekBar.xml
- Bugfixing of home screen In Progress episodes and movies.
- Improved visible conditions for home screen widgets.
- Removed add-on and improved all home screen widgets. Random / Featured widgets now updates every time the home screen is entered.
- Added labels for music OSD random and repeat buttons.
- Bugfixing of fanart images in Extended List View.

9.2.1 (18-December-15)
- Improved animations in fullscreen video OSD.
- Removed music clearlogo dialog from skin settings.
- Improved setting the path for music library clearlogos in Skin Settings > Media.

9.2.0 (17-December-15)
- Added Supported Add-ons section to Skin Settings. Download/install or configure supported add-ons.
- Bugfixing of video library Order By button.
- Increased size of posters in List Info 3 view.
- Added oninfo ("I" or "Info") for ExtendedInfo video list window.
- Added view option for movies and tv shows to hide genres labels in List Info View, List Info 2 View, List Info 3 View, Thumbs Info View, 3D Wrap View.
- Increased size of fullscreen video OSD Settings dialog and select dialog.
- Added Audio DSP settings dialog.
- Bugfixing of setting the custom icon for home screen categories in the skin settings.
- Added extrafanart support for music videos.
- Added fallback image for List Info 2 View / List Info 3 View / Thumbs Info View / 3D Wrap View fanart in movies, tv shows, episodes, music and programs.
- Added button for tv show extrathumbs in Skin Settings > Add-ons > Artwork Downloader > Download Presets - TV Shows.
- Moved Animate Background setting from View Options dialog to Skin Settings > Backgrounds.
- Bugfixing of tv thumb image in tv show library views.
- Added small extra fanart support for movies / sets / tv shows / episodes List Info 2 View / List Info 3 View / Thumbs Info View / 3D Wrap View.
- Added support for all audio DSP add-ons: adsp.basic, adsp.biquad.filters and adsp.freesurround.
- Replaced custom dialogs custom_DialogCustomCategoryIcons.xml and custom_DialogCustomPane.xml with function.
- Context menu and shutdown menu dialogs are now always centered on the screen.
- Text in DialogOK.xml and DialogYesNo.xml is now always vertically centered.
- All home screen recently added widgets are now hidden until content is available.
- Updated language files from Transifex (thanks to alanwww1).

9.1.1 (17-November-15)
- Fixed some minor bugs in home screen / presets dialog music paths.
- Bugfixing for add-on paths when using an Android platform.
- When CinemaVision is running, DialogKaiToast.xml will be hidden.

9.1.0 (11-November-15)
- Added "Auto Update" radio button to add-on information window.
- Updated Select Dialog when updating add-ons within the add-on information window.
- Removed support for script.toolbox, and script.grab.fanart.
- Added support for including more fanart background options and added PVR fanart backgrounds.
- Removed dependency for script.grab.fanart and added dependency for
- Updated movie set information window using

9.0.1 (26-October-15)
- Added OpenELEC Settings button to home screen system submenu (only available on Raspberry Pi).
- Removed PseudoTV Live skin support.
- Removed karaoke support.
- Added oninfo ("I" or "Info") for movie sets to open movie set information window (requires
- Added oninfo ("I" or "Info") for actors and directors to open actor / director information window (requires script.extendedinfo).
- Added oninfo ("I" or "Info") for all home screen movie, tv show and episode widgets (requires script.extendedinfo).

9.0.0 (21-October-15)
- Updated skin.rapier to Kodi 16.x Jarvis.
- Added dependency/support for resource.images.studios.white.
- Added dependency/support for
- Removed sounds folder and added Rapier GUI sounds dependency.
- Added support for resource.images.weathericons.animated.
- Added support for image resource movie genres, music genres, weather icons and weather fanart. These can be selected in the skin settings.
- Zorder fixes.
- Updated Info Dialog (DialogKaiToast.xml).
- Additional default icons.
- Changed infopane labels for episodes to display the number of unwatched episodes.
- Reworked infopane labels for movie library to display more specific values.
- Added "Search for missing icons" button in live radio and tv top menubar.
- Updated textures of radiobutton, spincontrol and spincontrolex.
- Removed MusicOverlay.xml, VideoOverlay.xml, MyMusicSongs.xml, VisualisationPresetList.xml, DialogFileStacking.xml, DialogPeriphericalManager.xml and DialogGamepad.xml
- Merged DialogPVRGuideInfo.xml and DialogPVRRecordingInfo.xml into DialogPVRInfo.xml
- Added Event Log window.
- Added Events (Event Log) to home screen System submenu.
- Added Events (Event Log) to presets dialog when creating custom categories and submenus.
- Music visualization presets OSD button is now hidden if no presets are available.
- Added coding input method in keyboard dialog.
- Added menucontrol tag to all relevant windows.
- Added sorting of dynamic content throughout the skin.
- Added oninfo action to Extended List View to open up ExtendedInfo movie, tv show, actor, artist or director information window.
- Updated ExtendedInfo script for Kodi Jarvis.
- ExtendedInfo auto completions are now hidden when the keyboard dialog requests a password.
- Added Manage button to movie information window and moved several buttons to this menu.
- Added Set My Rating button to Manage menu in movie information window.
- Added user rating label to movie information window with onclick function to set the rating.
- Minor redesign of song information dialog with set rating button and added rating label.
- Added stereoscopic (3D) support throughout the skin.
- Removed Rollback button from add-on information window (feature moved to Update dialog).
- Added PVR Radio RDS Info dialog and added button to fullscreen music OSD.

Full changelog can be viewed here.


Translation of the skin is handled on Transifex. Please sign up or join the project to translate this skin.
A huge thanks to all the translators for the great work - it's really appreciated!


Artwork Downloader (Martijn)
Artist Slideshow (ronie, pkscout)
Favourites script (ronie, `Black)
Global Search (ronie)
Random and Last items script (MikeBZH44, Martijn, `Black)
TV Show - Next Aired (Ppic, Frost, ronie, `Black, phil65)
Skin Helper Service (marcelveldt)
Skin Helper Backgrounds (marcelveldt)
Skin Helper Widgets (marcelveldt)
Image Resource Script (ronie)
White Studio Icons (Team Kodi)


Rapier UI Sounds (Gade)
CU LRC Lyrics (Taxigps, ronie)
Skin Helper Skinbackup (marcelveldt)
CDArt Manager (Giftie)
ExtendedInfo Script (phil65)
OpenWeatherMap Extended (ronie)
CinemaVision (CinemaVision)
Cinema Experience (Giftie)
Library Node Editor (Unfledged, Team-Kodi)
User Rating Script (Regss)
Audio profiles (Regss) (Phil65)
service.nextup.notification (im85288)
Autocompletions for virtual keyboard (phil65)
Audio DSP Basic
Audio DSP Biquad Filters
Audio DSP Free Surround
Image resource genre icons, weather icons and genre fanart, weather fanart add-ons...


TV Tunes (Ppic,Frost,ronie,robwebset)
Video Extras (robwebset)
MyPicsDB (Xycl, MikeBZH44, Alexsolex)
IMDB Update (Jandalf)
Library Editor Script (phil65) (phil65)


If you like Rapier and want to buy me a coffee or beer, feel free to donate. Greatly appreciated! Wink


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