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(2016-02-08, 12:54)noggin Wrote:
(2016-02-08, 11:12)Ladida Wrote: Thanks for the reply nogging!

Whas like I suspected then, to bad for such a nice little device.

Probably better to spend some extra bucks and get a more powerful NUC, so that I don't get disappointed.

To be honest, a Raspberry Pi 2 will do a better job as a pure media playback device, than a Baytrail-T Z-series box. If you just want a Kodi box, they are still hard to beat for the price. If you want something a bit more powerful, then a Celeron 2955u-baed Chromebox is a very good quality player indeed. A bit snappier than the Pi 2 - and it does a few things better (but the Pi 2 does a few things the Chromebox doesn't - mainly 3D MVC decode and Frame Packed output)

If you want HEVC 8-bit decode - then look at Braswell?

If you don't really need Windows then if you want 10 bit HEVC then the new S905 stuff from AMLogic looks worth a look. (The ODroid C2 COULD be great if it is well supported in software terms. It should have 4K 2160/60p output and 10 bit hardware HEVC decode - for around the same price as a Pi 2)

The ODroid C2 could really be great.
I just looked it up and was very happy to see that it has HDMI 2.0.
If this device will be supported well then it will be my next go to hardware when it comes to Kodi.
But only time will tell how it will do.

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