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(2016-08-27, 19:15)wesk05 Wrote:
(2016-08-27, 17:57)noggin Wrote: Interesting - so the Shield plays 4:2;2 and 4:4:4 HEVC stuff. Wonder if it plays 4:2:2 MPEG2 and H264 too?
The Shield has hardware decoding only for 4:2:0. It can sort of play 1080i/p 4:2:2/4:4:4 MEPG2/H.264/H.265 with software decoding, but it will choke and die with 2160p. There seems to be conflicting reports about how HiMedia Q10 Pro handles this content. There is one user report on Futeko forum that says the Q10 Pro doesn't play these clips. I made these test clips for a user on the Shield forum who is a video editor and was trying to play digital intermediates to his clients.

Interesting - but surely most edit intermediates will be Intra-based ProRes 4:2:2 or DNXHD 4:2:2 (or 4:4:4) - few people use MPEG2 or AVC as an edit codec (though admittedly some low-end stuff may be edited with an XD Cam 4:2:2 HD = Long GOP MPEG2 or AVCi 100 = AVC Intra timeline codec) and if you are rendering out for viewing separately, then 4:2:0 should be OK for a viewing copy?

MPEG2 and H264 4:2:2 functionality is really useful for watching high quality broadcast satellite distribution feeds - where 4:2:2 is preferred over 4:2:0 prior to final encode. 24-60Mbs bitrates and 4:2:2 generate very nice looking pictures.

If the Shield is software decoding 4:2:2 1080i stuff, and also presumably software deinterlacing it, just as x86 boxes do (an i5 Haswel NUC seems to cope OK with 1080i H264 4:2:2 with a YADIF 2x deinterlace) then it's really a case of how powerful the CPU is and/or how optimised the code is for the CPU architecture.

(Out of interest - is anyone interested in the Weston 3 Field Deinterlacer (which was BBC patented for years and popular in the broadcast industry) - which appears to be a little sharper than YADIF 2x at the expense of a little more aliasing on diagonals, or the new BobWeaver deinterlacer that claims to combine the best of YADIF 2x and Weston 3 Field? )

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