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(2016-11-03, 07:03)meeotch Wrote: Holy cow, 60 pages to this thread.

At this point, my eyes are starting to glaze over, and I feel a strong desire to get drunk.
...Argh! Can someone help me out, so that I can close these 47 browser tabs and get some sleep?
Ha Ha ha...yes Alcohol can cure many things but when it comes to media player Tech confusion abounds when the wee Spirits are imbibed !

Some points:

10bit Hi10P Anime is encoded using H264 compression standard. As you probably know there is no Hardware decoding on any platform for this combo.
This is different from 10bit HEVC in whatever wrapper takes your fancy .ts .mkv .mp4 etc. This codec can be Hardware decoded.
The two are completely different, so yes it is true a ODROID C2 can decode 10bit HEVC, but will not have the CPU ponies to Software decode 10bit 1080p H264 Hi10P Anime.

The question is how important is Software decoding Hi10P Anime to you to shell out a decent amount of $$$ for a Intel i series NUC. ?

If you don't plan on getting a 4K TV then why can you not just supplement your existing Chromebox with a cheap AML S905 box running LibreELEC Jarvis to decode any 10bit HEVC content you may come across until Intel Hardware prices, 10bit HEVC decoding with Intel Linux, HDMI 2.0 and HDR10 standards settle down a bit. ?

The noose around your neck is this unsupported (for Hardware decoding) Hi10P Anime H264 combo.

I would also ask in the Shield thread this question:
"Am I going to have user noticeable color problems after refresh rate switching when watching any 10bit 1080p content only on the Shield ?"

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