START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Looking through the options at the top of the thread I didn't see one that fit my scenario and I'm not up to date on the newer things like LibreELEC etc so I need a little help from the experts. This is for a bedroom build to replace an old laptop that is dying. Here's what I need:
  • Libraries are on a NAS so the box just needs wifi access to pull in the Kodi content, so it won't need much local storage
  • I have a basic AVR (Denon 1513) and 5.1 setup in the bedroom, I don't need 4K support, just 1080p over HDMI will do fine
  • My other machines on the network are running W7 and I have an available license for that OS so that would be an easy setup for me. But I'm not adverse to any other OS options (but I used to have Ubuntu and Windows on the same network back in the XBMC days and that was a pain to get it all working together I recall). As long as it's easy to get everything to play nice together, I'm fine with any OS option
  • We have an HDHomerun on our network for streaming live TV so that's a must to integrate.
  • We need support for popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Spotify etc. We usually just watch these in a browser window.
  • Right now I have a Logitech Harmony 250 to control all the components and a wireless keyboard for the computer

Looking for an affordable option that will work well, is easy to setup and wife-friendly. Thank you very much in advance, you guys are always a great resource

EDIT: After doing a bunch of research this morning I'm thinking an Intel NUC might be a good option for me. It looks like you can really dial in how high tech of a build you want. I'm curious how cheap I could go with what I need it for? Would a bottom of the line NUC with a celeron etc do it for me?

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