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(2016-11-22, 09:58)tmihai20 Wrote: @wrxtasy: Amazon UK does not deliver to Romania, Amazon France does deliver, but it would be 78 euros more than I paid for the Q10 Pro that I chose over the Beelink. Even the nVidia Shield TV would not be 100% suited for me, because I want to use it as a seedbox. If I get HBO Go to run on my Q10 Pro (which it does not, although it did on the Beelink GT1, surprisingly), then I can consider myself satisfied (I managed to get Netflix to run on my Q10 Pro). Thanks anyway.

Well, in Romania HBO Go is SD quality. Of course it's better than other (illegal) streaming services but it's nothing to write home.
Netflix on Q10 pro is also SD quality.
But of course, I wouldn't use Shield as a seedbox.
I also looked for Shield in Romania (only a nonofficial reseller with big prices). I would't buy one now, there are rumors that it will have a hardware refresh.

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