[RELEASE] Flix2Kodi - Just another Netflix-Addon
(2015-12-31, 13:49)logi85 Wrote:
(2015-12-31, 10:59)Cassiuss Wrote: It is working for me as well now! Fantastic job Zero and Logi85!! Thanks so much for all the effort!! Rofl

Also thanks for opening a new thread, it will be much easier now for other people to find out how it works.

Since I am a simple user, and not a programmer, some (simple) things that are clear for some people are not always directly clear to me. So just to be sure and for the sake of people who don't have a working version yet:

1. Do you manually need to download the latest version of Python for this to work? I believe so, correct me if I'm wrong
2. Do you have to run kodi and/or chrome as administrator for this to work in windows? (I can play around with this myself today, so I can answer it myself later on if nobody has a ready answer)
3.Do you have to install the chromelauncher addon yourself or will it now be done as an "dependency" by kodi?
4.When you are in Netflix, how can you make sure that you can control it with your (MCE/Harmony) remote? At the moment I am not able to go back to kodi (ctrl+w) without keyboard, I think the solution has something to do with adding a keyboard.xml, but I still have to do my research on this. For now I was just very happy that I managed to open a netflix video in kodi
5. Are subtitles and other audio streams supported? I believe not yet. (correct me if I'm wrong)

(2015-12-31, 08:24)thejaffe Wrote: On this version of the addon, running Windows 10, latest Kodi stable, the addon works perfect except My List in TV and Movies shows only a fraction of my content. My Netflix TV list probably has about 100 items, but only shows 37 shows, and with no apparent reasoning, not alphabetical, when I added etc...

I seem to have the same problem... Also on W10, so maybe a windows problem....

Hi Cassius,

1. Kodi should be bundled with a working version, just try.
2. I don't think this is necessary
3. Chromelauncher is not required. However I've added this option for openelec users. Have a look on old thread (Netflixbmc)
4. Can you control Kodi with your remote? My addon captures actions (like keypresses) on playback. So if your remote will send keys / actions to Kodi while playback it should work. You could press keys while watching and then have a look in your Kodi-Logfile. If there are entries like 'Unknown action...' I could add missing actions. If there are no entries your remote does not sent requests to kodi, probably sending to active window, which would be chrome. Perhaps there is an existing plugin which could handle your remote for your browser.
5. Currently not, but I have an open issue on this. But not with highest priority.

My-List missing items is a known issue

More Info:

The My List issue is not machine specific, just did a clean install of Jarvis Beta 4 on a different PC (Win 10 also) produces same result, 37 TV shows listed of about 120 that are actually in list. Not griping, or impatient, just trying to help narrow down. Either it's Windows specific, or Netflix account specific (huge number of crap shows I never watch in My List).

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