ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-05-15, 22:01)Eneko Wrote:
(2016-05-12, 23:02)wrxtasy Wrote: @Eneko, Dual Boot on WeTek Core / Hub will be Android in the NAND/eMMC and then OpenELEC on a Plug in micro SDHC card. Which can be left permanently in the device.

Sorry wrxtasy, I missed this reply! Confused

Thanks mate, that is again good information to have.

Unfortunately, I really wished it was the other way around. I understand eMMC will be a lot faster than any SDHC card and Open/LibreElec has 100% speed priority over the Android OS for me. But I suppose I should be able to turn it around myself. I mean, installing an OpenElec is no problem, but installing an Android on the Memory Card sounds a lot more complicated. Undecided

EDIT: I guess it is NOT possible to run the Android OS on a SDCard Sad http://wetekforums.com/v/index.php?p=/di...roid-on-sd
Open/LibreELEC are lean and mean - Just Enough OS's, and as such run entirely in RAM memory with minimal Write operations to external storage for day to day usage. Yes eMMC is much faster than µSDHC cards if you are doing a lot of random 4K Read/Write operations.

What is important on these types of boards like the RPi3 and C2 then becomes actual clocked DDR RAM speed. You can run a RPi3 reliably with DDR2 RAM clocked at 500MHz, the C2 uses DDR3 RAM clocked at 912MHz. Its nearly twice as fast. The soon to be released S905's devices by WeTek will be the same as the C2.

Comparing eMMC 5.0 Flash vs a decent UHS1 / Class 10 µSDHC card like the Samsung EVO series back to back when running LibreELEC, you really don't notice a lot of difference day to day. Bootup times are quicker with eMMC vs µSDHC and the GUI runs a tiny bit quicker. Scraping large video libraries is quite a bit quicker with eMMC as you are doing a lot of random Write operations. I don't do that very often.

You really would not complain though if using a µSDHC card only. 2.0 GHz AML S8x2/S905's with DDR3 RAM are quite speedy ARM devices when running Open/LibreELEC. Smile

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