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(2015-12-11, 08:46)DaveBlake Wrote: a) Better wiki guides (Zag has started that). User education could help a lot.

This is actually probably the best thing we can do as an immediate fix. I don't think its documented anywhere how music should actually be tagged and what Kodi actually reads. This will also help other developers get on board on the music side of things.

Another idea is to have the a tagging template on TheAudioDB.com for each track. This would allow users to look at the site to know how they should tag a file. This could be auto generated by the site and even automated with some tagging app in the future.

(2015-12-11, 08:46)DaveBlake Wrote: c) Reject (don't try adding to library) music files where the number of musicbrainz ids doesn't match the number of artists. Kodi now processes the ARTISTS and ALBUMARTISTS tag (thanks to Evilhamster) that fixes a bug in this area, but we still need users to use those tags correctly. I am beginning to think it would be better if Kodi simply skipped the messed up files rather than end up with duplicate artists with wrong IDs in the library.

This sounds to me like an excellent idea as a first step to sorting out the tagging mess. Obviously logging it somewhere is essential, but if people actually know their music is mistagged then maybe it can take away a lot of the frustration. Putting the onus on people fixing their tags before music shows up in Kodi, rather than having a messy library where they simply give up would be a huge improvement.

(2015-12-11, 08:46)DaveBlake Wrote: Enough work for a lifetime!
The best idea is to keep things simple. Support a specific tagging software or method. Ignore advanced users at first and get the basics working well.
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