Bug Completed recordings are missing some epg data
(2017-09-17, 19:39)rpcameron Wrote:
(2017-09-17, 19:06)ksooo Wrote:
(2017-09-16, 23:46)rpcameron Wrote: I believe this is a problem with the pvr.hts addon. Last time I checked it did not send the season/episode information to Kodi for recordings. I haven't looked at the L sources, but I imagine it just hasn't been implemented.

pvr.hts cannot implement this currently, as tvheadend does not send season and episode along with dvr entries. And this is not a bug in tvheadend but a missing feature. HTSP needs to be extended to support episode and season for dvr entries, then pvr.hts can implement this. So, you could open a feature request for tvheadend and I will be happy to extend pvr.hts once tvheadend offers the missing functionality.

Thanks for the information. I'd been too lazy to actually track the source of lack of information. I assume this also extends to image for the episode as well ...

Are there other missing items in HTSP with regard to DVR or features Kodi makes use of but Tvheadend does not expose? Might be nice to lump them all together for a single issue to file, and perhaps a single PR.

Don't know, sorry. Would have to crawl through the code to find out. Feel free to investigate yourself. ;-)
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