Req [split] Recently Added Songs and Date Added in Playlists
@elra I split this out to its own thread so it didn't get lost in my ramblings.

I will put adding date added as a smart playlist rule (for artists, albums and songs) on my list of things to do for v18. It will mean that users can create their own variants of the recently added nodes, which seems good.

But need to be aware that for now at least what we call "date added" is not actually the date a thing was first added to the library at all, but just the file time stamp. I would like to have both timestamp and actual added to library dates available for use (along with custom dates), but that is dependant on reworking the entire delete/insert approach to updates.

Couple of things about current facilities: "Songs" type nodes can already be sorted by date added, it is not just a Fileview thing. Also if you select "* all albums" from viewing the Recently Added Albums node you see all the recently added songs (or at least those with a recent file timestamp)

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RE: [split] Recently Added Songs and Date Added in Playlists - by DaveBlake - 2017-01-04, 08:15

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