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Android nVidia Shield TV (2015 & 2017 Models) - UPDATED: May 25, 2018
(2018-05-30, 10:55)riddle Wrote: Hi, how is working on this update auto switch from 4k(BT2020) to 1080p (REC709)? Because when i test is last time, this dont works well :-)
 I don't think there is any suggestion that the nVidia Shield TV will do automatic HDMI output switching between BT/Rec.709 and BT/Rec.2020 gamuts with this update, but there is a new API that allows for 709 content to be better converted to 2020 (effectively moving the gamut conversion from your display to your Shield TV - as the gamut conversion has to happen somewhere after all, as the primaries of your display don't change). However it looks like this API has to be called - so applications have to be aware of it.

It strikes me that Google - behind Android and Chromecast - are permanently wedded to either applications handling frame rate switching and gamut conversion - not the platform automatically (Android) or running devices at a fixed frame rate at all times (Chromecast - which can be manually switched between 50Hz and 60Hz in a chrome cast settings and that's about it?).
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