Selling Xboxes with XBMC pre-installed Online?

I've set up a website to sell Xboxes with XBMC installed ( and have received a couple of flames about what I'm doing. I've responded to the people in question but wanted to come on here and see where the land lies so to speak.

My understanding is that the GPL enables me to charge for the service of installing XBMC onto an Xbox, and obviously I can charge for the Xbox itself. For this I'm charging £47 (thats Xbox and installation) and a couple of quid to add dashboards/scripts etc... I dont think this is enough to warrent accusations of selling the code! (In fact, at the minute a I'm selling a fully set up Xbox with XBMC for £23.50 - that's a £3.50 profit on what I paid for the machines!)

I have posted links to this website, xbox-skins, xboxscripts, the GNU GPL and the source code on my site (last two just added after an email). Hell, I'm even advising people to download stuff themselves rather than paying us to do it.

Is there something I'm missing?

Last thing I want to do is step on some-ones toes, but I don't see where the problem is. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lastly, I'm looking to sort this out properly (hence coming on here), so please don't flame this thread as I ain't gonna spend my time answering stupid posts (one email I got asked me how long it took me to write 2 million lines of code - why waste my time? Huh)

I respect what you guys are doing and last thing I want to do is offend. But if I ain't doing anything wrong I'd appreciate the say so.

Please let me know, I'll try to log in tomorrow to see if anyone's posted.

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