Playing artist discography from artist node
Kodi is way to Clever Tongue

Thanks for the explanation Dave!

Quote:a) look at the songs for album 1 and sort by track,
b) look at the songs for album 2 and sort by duration,
c) look at the songs for album 3 and sort by title

If you then look at the songs for album 4 they will also be sorted by title, the last sort you used. But go back to look at album 2 and the songs will be sorted by duration

This have bugged me a view Times in my Tv Shows I know why Smile

Quote:Also is it just me that gets wound up by the v16 onwards label1/label2 variation with sort method. e.g. sort songs by artist and year, and you don't see track number. I get that the thing you sort by should be displayed, but I would always like to see track number. Too much automation, not enough user choice!

this sounds like a skin issue, if I sort by artist and year, i still get track nr in My skin.
but as you can see a (Double) Disc with Various Artist is a mess, Which makes total sense, because it sorts the songs by Artist Smile

So sort by artist and year did what i want, Thanks I would never have figured that out...but on the other hand it mess up the view for all your Various Artist Cd's

Quote:It also seems that the facility to sort the items in the current playlist would be very useful, currently it is shuffle or not.

this makes the most sense to me, sorting your playlist like for example the song note, would give a lot of freedom to the user Smile

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