Running TVHeadend on Raspberry Pi with HDHomeruns
1) A WD MyPassport Ultra 2TB (still NTFS formatted so I can remove it and connect it to a Windows PC if I need to bulk populate/depopulate it).
I do also have a PiDrive at home which is OK, but it's a little small for my requirements. About half the drive has media on it which is available via the Plex Server, the other half is empty and is the PVR storage area.
2) SD card.
3) It can be, but I also transcode to make the file size smaller (either via MCE buddy or ffmpeg)
4) No, but I just record SD streams, nothing fancy. Everything is lan Ethernet cable connected.
5) Normally just a Pi3, although occasionally also my Android tablet. Basically I just use it for recording, and if I want to watch something directly I use the HDHomeRun app on the tablet to bypass the Pi completely.
6) Yes, just a single connect (with dual tuner). If you try and record multiple streams at once from multiple devices then you may start to hit issues with the Pi's Ethernet limitations perhaps I guess.
7) I'd use a Pi3 if I was starting fresh. I just used the Pi2 as I had it spare (it's the former one that used to be my lounge Kodi/LibreElec device, but that was replaced by the Pi3 in answer 5).

I have this set up plus a dedicated PVR set-top box also connected to the TV. I use that box for "watch and discard" type stuff, and the TVH set-up for stuff I want to record and keep, as the set top box can't export stuff to a stick or hard drive. As and when that STB dies (it's an old box, and not an expensive one) then the Pi set-up would quite happily become the main PVR of the house, but for the moment duties are shared,
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