Classical music best practices with v17 and futur v18
(2018-08-19, 19:07)MrNice Wrote: You ask me what I'd like to do and see, so I am surprised you don't have a list of requirement from the users. Don't you have? I am a common user and want to do the same.
Like so much information it is scattered across the forum. I started with good professional intentions to gather and manage such a list, but doing that and actually making some improvements to Kodi became too much. It is the kind of tech author task that does not require dev skills, so I invite anyone with spare time, some tech insight and infinite patience and attention to detail to take it up. Of course only more people with dev skills volunteering their time and energy, and being interested in those features wil actually make new feature happen, but every little piece of organisation and support helps.
(2018-08-19, 19:07)MrNice Wrote: I remember 3-4 years ago, reading a thread for classical music with XBMC. Maybe you was in. They was thinking to add work, opus and maybe ensemble tag. They disliked the way MB add performer[role].
Yes I was there, the jumble of composers, orchestras, conductors and pop artists that scanning my full music collection produced is what got me into this.
(2018-08-19, 19:07)MrNice Wrote: So you are working on it, do you have a bill of specifications? is it possible to know what you have done and what you will?
Broadly what I am working on, and intend to work on are documented here, but other things interupt too and get my attention along the way.

You will scan that thread for "classical music" and possibly feel disappointed, but please don't. The more I got involved, the more I realised that many Classical music needs could be served by less specific improvements that helped even more users. Best example of that is the new filter by source facility, but also adding processing of composer tag (back in v17) is not classical music specific by applies to any music.
(2018-08-19, 19:07)MrNice Wrote: The answer should be in your bill of specifications.
Yes, if Kodi had a documented design that would be true. I don't know if it true for all FOSS projects, but anyway Kodi does not have documented design except for in the more recent years a review history on GitHub of the code changes. How can we possibly produce anything in those conditions, well there are days when I wonder that, but somehow we do. Smile

Anyway you ask questions that all relate to how does Kodi use the music file tags to make a library. That will take a lot of words to describe, and I just don't have the time now, sorry. Most is based on the ID3 v2.4 standard plus some common practice where use has exceeded the spec limits. The exception is ARTISTS and ALBUMARTISTS (added by Musicbrainz and becoming definative), but that use I have already explained in many places on the foum. Having nearly the same value is not the same has having exactly the same value.

Reading the Musicbrainz Classcial music style guide should also help you.

Conductor historically has a tag in the ID3 spec, (but if you put it in the performer tag then Kodi would cope)

Ensemble is not a standard tag, performer is, and provides a way to handle many different things

If there is only one individual ARTISTS and ARTIST would be the same (and the ARTISTS tag unnecessary, but takes precidence when present), likewise with ALBUMARTIST and ALBUMARTISTS. But once multiple artists are invovled then the "S" tag is used with standard delimiter (or separate name values in each frame) while the plain tag becomes just descriptive.

Role is free text. You can then filter on role, or display that artist performing role (up to the skin to use the info label)

(2018-08-19, 19:07)MrNice Wrote: With this, is it possible to enter Beethoven (composer), then Symphony No. 3 (work) and get all the different releases of this work I have even if there is no data from MB? I have a lot of work not in MB. I know, I'll have to enter the values manually.
If the opus is in work tag, it should be parsed to search by composer, Opus/Kochel. 
Ok now we get you answering my question of "what do you want to do?"  

Yes a future implementation of processing "work" in Kodi would allow for filtering albums by composer and text found in the work tag (no mbids invloved). Actually you can achieve similar results already if you have the work as part of the album title (that is quite common). It is the sideblade filter functionality that needs extending rather than a scanning more tags issue.

Parsed, no I don't think so. But Kodi is a flexible and powerful tool for those that want it to be. If Kod stores the work value and lets users filter using wild cards then it is really up to you how use use it.

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