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PVR Manager is starting up: 0% - "Solved"
Hi guys

I got this annoying problem, was getting worse lately with no logic explanation whatsoever.

- I tried disabling/enabling the plugin. Sometimes worked but it was not a solution.

- I was using MediaPortal backend and plugin - reinstalled - apparently worked - no - still failling.

- I installed NextPVR - same problem - mmmm - maybe problem is not in Kodi but in Windows with their awful updates that make things that always worked sooner or later stop working?

- I checked the state of the services within the PC - It was unable to open the services window until a significant lapse of time after the PC started up. Maybe 2 minutes. AWFUL. Also, no any software related with the services worked: like Media Portal or NPVR front ends, until certain time lapsed.



1 - since some f... windows update this year, the startp up is problematic, the windows services are unavailable until after certain amount of time, and this is still happening in an SSD and after having cleaned up all the windows spyware, defender and other MS garbage trying to optimize PC performace.

2 - If for any reason KODI starts before the PVR service is ready, KODI is totally UNABLE to recover the connecttion later at any time, which is also quite a bug in Kodi as well.


- Delay the KODI launch for some time, say 100 seconds, to allow the windows services to start. Then it always works. 


please share your experiences and thoughts here 

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PVR Manager is starting up: 0% - "Solved" - by VictorG - 2018-11-10, 18:19

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