Controlling PVR channel preload
what specify or control how much data will be downloaded before video playback start? I have UDP iptv stream in local network from encoder and when connecting with Kodi on it, it take about 8 second to show video. During those 8 seconds it download almost the same lenght video into Kodi buffer. So Iam ending with 8 second delayed picture behind video source and in reality I would prefer to be as much close to actual footage encoder streaming.

My first thinking was that I will move inside this buffer and shift on his end but as it look its not possible to control video position in "live tv".

After that I modify cache setting in advancedsetting to no result as well (tried all buffermode and changed readfactor).

All my testing was done with Krypton and Leila with simple PVR client under LibreElec.

So my top 3 question are (and I would grealty apressiated input to any of those):
1) Its possible to somehow hard limit maximu buffer lenght (for example to 1 second) or move to its end?
2) is this 8 second chunk I load when connecting matter of Kodi or encoder streaming behavior
3) Is there any other light weight PVR client with should I try if it will behave differently
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Controlling PVR channel preload - by Grizllyx - 2018-12-05, 19:21

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