5-step rating not read from .flac
Rather than opening an issue on github which is getting kind of cluttered, I thought I'd bring this up here first. @DaveBlake You recently fixed the rating in regards to musicbrainz. Now it correctly interprets ratings which are set in both 5 steps and in 10 steps properly. This is great! However, rating tags only seem to read from MP3 and subsequently shown in "Now Playing". I have tagged my MP3 with ID3v2.4 and APEv2 tags. Both types seem to work and the rating is read from them.

Kodi doesn't seem to be able to read the rating tag from my .flac files which have VORBIS tags, though. I've prepared a sample file and will send you a link via PM, just to make sure there's nothing peculiar about my tags. If you have time I'd be grateful if you could check it out. Thanks in advance!
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5-step rating not read from .flac - by HeresJohnny - 2018-12-08, 21:34

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5-step rating not read from .flac00