v18 Video streaming is broken in Leia
(2019-02-10, 17:58)jeffj9930 Wrote: I have seen the same issues going from 17.6 to 18.0.

For the slight jitter that is seen on ticker banners during news broadcasts I changed the video settings to DXVA for both deinterlacing and scaling. I also found spline32 optimized helped. If DXVA doesn’t do it play around with selecting others. I found that just changing these would clear it up but then later reappear. I mention this as not a fix but a direction to look.

Oddly, I see scaling contains a different list depending on the program on. I seen it limited to just DXVA and Auto. But on other programs it had about 6 different choices: DXVA, Spline32, Spline32 optimized, Bicubic, Lansxxx something.

If what you’re seeing is more of a stutter of the video where it pauses and fast forwards I found turning off the updates to the guide helped.
Settings -> PVR & Live TV -> Guide. Set Prevent update during playback to ON. Otherwise the curls to get channel listings will consume the backend bandwidth and result in CRenderManager WaitForBuffer timing out.

To be honest I do not use tickers so I wouldn't know about any jitter going on.

Your "stutter" description is closer to my symptoms. Unfortunately, I also confirmed that "Prevent update during playback" is on, as by default. I'd expect all PVR and Live TV functionality to be off anyway, in the absence of proper hw. Is it not so?
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