Release [ARTWORK PACK] Characterart PNG's for Movies/Moviesets
Characterarts for movies in skin Mod Aeon MQ7 Multi-Mod (Krypton) and Aeon MQ7 Leia Mod (Leia) by @latts9923 have been partially supported for some time now. It is more of a kind of easter egg and because of the quirks in multiimage in skins has limited usefulness. Now the first skin that is also available in the official kodi skin repository AEON TAJO now implemented this Characterart PNG's for Movies/Moviesets project in a clean way.

For Star Wars, Marvel and DC you will find tons of content at your own, for all other you have to search a bit the web.
Here I share all my collected Characterart for movies:

-> file size of .rar: 711mb -> 432 handsortet/handchosen characterarts for 240 movies

In contrast to characterart for tvshows at the pictures here have no uniform resolution.
In contrast to characterart for tvshows at the pictures here are in most cases cut off at bottom, except when the character jumps/flies or it's a flying vehicle.
(That's will looking good the characterart should be placed, similar like clearart, on an edge or seperator texture)

In 90% the files are not compressed, kodi does the job of compressing and re-rendering on cache process.
All i've done is to cut off the bottom on many files.

The characterarts are named with german [Moviefilename]-characterart.png
(Take a look at the pictures and use a german translator to properly assign it to your movie and rename it to your [Moviefilename])
Cause a lot of movies have more then 1 nice characterart i use it with multiimage in skin,
therefore if more than one characterart exists, the following are called [Moviefilename]-characterart1-9.png.
[Moviefilename]-characterart.png + [Moviefilename]-characterart1-9.png = max 10 characterarts you can find here.
It also complies with the ArtworkBeef naming convention that can be set in ArtworkBeef also with multi-poster/keyart/fanart/characterart for tvshows
and therefore also works with the ArtworkHelper codes.

I also use it with movie set collections, but these are in most cases just copies of the characterart for movies,
only the naming is here just without a prefix characterart.png+characterart1-9.png on my side.

Showcase General:

Showcase Multiimage:

Everyone who have ever played around with .xml a bit will know how to implement.
For all the others i will write a little tutorial how to implement it with single image and multiimage on the followoing 2 posts if interest.

Picture sources are mainly the simple Google Search and DeviantArt.
I do not own any of the pictures.
All rights belong to their respective owners.
There is nothing commercially used and distributed here.


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