Broken Stopping a recording creates a failed recording on tvheadend
(2019-05-24, 18:03)ksooo Wrote:
(2019-05-24, 17:32)rykr Wrote:
(2019-05-24, 17:22)ksooo Wrote: Have you seen the link I have posted? Klick on it, look at the screen shot and ensure your tvh access rights are set correctly. You need to tick "failed view". 
I made that change.  That "works"  but it's still not really correct.   That at least marks in Kodi that the recording is playable and you can watch the recording and re-record.  So that really fixes the main issue with Kodi.   However, it still shows as failed in the tvh web client.  I used the tvhclient on my iPhone to stop an in-progress recording and it shows a completed in the web client (which is more accurate I think).

So, thanks for the link.  This solves the main problem but I still believe that the Kodi plugin is stopping the recording in the wrong way. 

Agreed, and all documented in the issue that belongs to the link I posted here. If you take yourself the time to read through the issue you will get all details, including the technical problem I'm facing for a fix. ;-) 

Ahh I see.  Are you the main developer of the tvh add-on?   If so I appreciate you working on this and look forward to you solving it!  If I can help with any testing I'd be happy to.
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